Submissions from 2015

A lexical frequency and collocational approach to conceptual metaphor modeling, Kathleen Ahrens and Yuchun Chang

Crafting the perfect pitch, Kathleen Virginia Ahrens

Writing bilingual picture books, Kathleen Virginia Ahrens

Submissions from 2014

From comparable corpora to divergent views: Metaphorical representations of REFERENDUM in two Taiwan newspapers, R. Duann, Kathleen Ahrens, and C. Huang

Submissions from 2012

What metaphors do people generate for idea is food in mandarin Chinese? mapping principles as prototype mappings for conceptual metaphors, Shu Ping Gong and Kathleen Virginia Arhens

Processing metaphors in mandarin Chinese: An event-related potential study, Shu-Ping Gong, Chia-Ying Lee, Kathleen Virginia Ahrens, and Zhi-Ying Huang

Submissions from 2011

及物動詞的事件結構: 以 MARVS 理論出發 = Event structure of transitive verb: A MARVS perspective, Jia Fei Hong, Kathleen Virginia Ahrens, and Chu Ren Huang

Extracting pseudo-labeled samples for sentiment classification using emotion keywords, Sophia Yat Mei Lee, Daming Dai, Shoushan Li, and Kathleen Ahrens

The aspect hypothesis and the L2 acquisition of aspect marking in Chinese, Suying Yang and Yue Yuan Huang

Submissions from 2010


Sense prediction study: Two corpus-driven linguistic approaches, Jia-fei Hong, Sue-Jin Ker, Kathleen Ahrens, and Chu-Ren Huang

Phonetic resemblance and its role in creation of primitive Chinese-English code-mixing, Dan Huai Lu

Aspect marking in discourse, Suying Yang and Yue Yuan Huang

Submissions from 2009

Corpus-driven approaches to sense prediction, Jia Fei Hong, Sue Jin Ker, Chu Ren Huang, Kathleen Virginia Ahrens, and Guan Xun Li

Students’ peer feedback in ESL writing, Dan Huai Lu

Submissions from 2008

On corpus preparation and deployment of a webbased critiquing system for English essay writing enhancement, Kelvin C. K. Wong, William K. Cheung, Fion S. L. Lee, and Cynthia F. K. Lee

Submissions from 2007

Computing thresholds of linguistic Saliency, Siaw-Fong Chung, Kathleen Virginia Ahrens, Chung-Ping Chen, Chu-Ren Huang, and Petr Simon

A pilot study on the impact of the web-based essay critiquing system on writing at the tertiary level, Kelvin C. K. Wong, Fion S. L. Lee, William K. W. Cheung, Andres I. Mørch, and Jiming Liu

Submissions from 2005

Grounding collaborative knowledge building in semantics-based critiquing, Anders Mørch, William K. Cheung, Kelvin C. Wong, Jiming Liu, Cynthia Lee, Mason H. Lam, and Janti P. Tang