Submissions from 2015

Conventionalization of lexical meanings and the role of metaphoricity: Processing of metaphorical polysemy using a cross-modal lexical priming task, Yuchun Chang, Chien-Jer Charles Lin, and Kathleen Ahrens

A corpus-based study of metaphor signaling variations in three genres, Hanna Skorczynska and Kathleen Ahrens

Submissions from 2014

Code-mixing and its impact on language competence, Dan Huai Lu

文学语言对二语水平的作用初探, Dan Huai Lu

Submissions from 2013

中英知识本体与概念隐喻 = Ontologies and Conceptual Metaphors in English and Mandarin (in Chinese), Siaw-Fong Chung, Kathleen Virginia Ahrens, and Chu-Ren Huang

The pedagogical maze: Retrospection on CLT in Hong Kong, Dan Huai Lu

体标记在不同语体中的分布情况考察, Suying Yang and Yue Yuan Huang

Submissions from 2012

Metaphor analysis: Research practice in applied linguistics, social sciences and the humanities, Kathleen Ahrens

Finding what you expect to see: Theoretical modeling in psycholinguistics, Kathleen Virginia Ahrens

Event structure of transitive verb: A MARVS perspective = 及物動詞的事件結構: 以MARVS 理論出發, Jia Fei Hong, Kathleen Virginia Ahrens, and Chu Ren Huang

Literary Language in Development of L2 Competence, Dan Lu

Is it a potential panacea? retrospection on Task-based learning and teaching in Hong Kong, Dan Huai Lu

混合语码对语言翻译能力的影响, Dan Huai Lu

Submissions from 2011

A worldwide network for children's writers and illustrators, Kathleen Ahrens

Book review of context and connection in metaphor: How simple ideas shape human experience by david ritchie, Kathleen Virginia Ahrens

Submissions from 2010


Ambiguity advantage revisited: Two meanings are better than one when accessing Chinese nouns, C.J.C Lin and Kathleen Ahrens

A salutary lesson from a computer-based self-access language learning project, Dan Lu

对错之间: 二语教学中的纠错问题, Dan Huai Lu

汉语中的外语: 从广电总局的一则通知谈起, Dan Huai Lu

汉语中的字母词、音译词和混合语码, Dan Huai Lu

Submissions from 2009

Web-based essay critiquing system and EFL students' writing: A quantitative and qualitative investigation, Cynthia Lee, Kelvin C. K. Wong, William K. Cheung, and Fion S. L. Lee

Loan words vs. code-mixing in the Shanghai dialect, Dan Huai Lu

《汉语语气词"了": 汉语的语篇构造和语用标记》介绍, Suying Yang and Yue Yuan Huang

《语篇模式: 文本的局部结构》核心观点评介, Suying Yang, Yue Yuan Huang, and Qianrui Chen

Submissions from 2008


MARVS revisited: Operationalizing sense frequency and MI values, Siaw Fong Chung and Kathleen Ahrens

Submissions from 2007

Grounding collaborative learning in semantics-based critiquing, William K. Cheung, Anders I. Mørch, Kelvin C. Wong, Cynthia Lee, Jiming Liu, and Mason H. Lam

Submissions from 2003


Sense and meaning facets in verbal semantics: A MARVS perspective, Kathleen Ahrens, Huang Huang, and Yuan-hsun Chung


Individuals, kinds and events: Classifier coercion of noun, Chu-Ren Huang and Kathleen Ahrens

Submissions from 2002


Time passing is motion, Kathleen Ahrens and Chu-Ren Huang