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本研究1是從宗教及哲學角度對消費主義全球化年代中的「倫理營銷」問題重新審思。以儒學精神及基督教信仰作為東西方智慧及價值判別的基礎,本文嘗試指出二者均能幫助我們更好地為各種應付宏觀層面上的倫理衝突及責任張力,提供解決方案和行動上的優先輕重。作者藉著逐一檢視以下概念,例如商業的社會角色、利潤最大化、企業社會責任、文化消費、表達自由及兒童權益,看看基督教信仰及儒學精神能為企業人員在慣常的營商及行銷活動中提供什麼洞見和影響,而討論的焦點則集中在兒童及青少年營銷的相關議題上。文末,筆者提出以「宗教或哲學為本的倫理營銷」有可能為我們帶來社會益處這重要訊息作結,作為目前偏重以利潤導向為依歸的營商活動的合理平衡。 This research project aims at probing and reflecting upon the notion of “ethical marketing” in the era of global consumerism from a religious and philosophical dimension. By taking Christianity and Confucianism as the value benchmarks and wisdoms of the West and the East, the paper argues that possible solutions and actions for dealing with the macro-level ethical tensions or conflicting obligations could be prioritized more properly. The scope to which Christianity and Confucianism have an insight or impact on the extent to which corporate people conduct conventional business practices and marketing activities are examining through some key concepts such as the role of business in society, maximizing profits, corporate social responsibility, cultural consumption, freedom of expression and children’s rights. The author has further narrowed the focus by primarily addressing the ethical issues related to children and youth marketing. To conclude the paper, the author prompt an important message to all of us that a “religious–based (or philosophical–based) ethical marketing” has its possible social rewards as it can be a justifiable balance of an utterly profit-oriented business practices.


David C. Lam Institute for East-West Studies

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