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Dr. David Schley


The New York City is known for its “melting pot” metaphor. Indeed, this includes the Filipino community that has contributed to the multiculturalism of this city. Nevertheless, historical researches about the Filipino Americans in the New York City were still very limited. The first wave Filipino immigrants came to the land of the United States with their American dreams that was believed to be a model of civilization and prosperity. However, the experiences of the Filipinos in New York were rather different from their original perception towards America. This essay aims to address the lives of the forgotten Filipino community in New York during the colonial era (1898-1946). In addition, this article also argues that the concept of race largely dominated the colonial questions such as the Philippines independence and the US citizenship of the Filipino immigrants. Hence, the Filipino Americans encounter in New York during the colonial period evolves around the ongoing stereotypes and occurrences of racism.


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2017 Honourable Mention

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