Submissions from 2012

Alternating algorithms for total variation image reconstruction from random projections, Yunhai Xiao, Junfeng Yang, and Xiaoming Yuan

Convergence analysis of spectral galerkin methods for volterra type integral equations, Ziqing Xie, Xianjuan Li, and Tao Tang

On adaptively accelerated Arnoldi method for computing PageRank, Jun-Feng Yin, Guo-Jian Yin, and Michael Ng

Alternating direction method for covariance selection models, Xiaoming Yuan

D-optimal designs for quadratic mixture canonical polynomials with spline, Chongqi Zhang and Heng Peng

On a dimension reduction regression with covariate adjustment, Jun Zhang, Li-Ping Zhu, and Li-Xing Zhu

Nonlinear models with measurement errors subject to single-indexed distortion, Jun Zhang, Li-Xing Zhu, and Hua Liang

An alternating variable method for the maximal correlation problem, Lei-Hong Zhang and Li-Zhi Liao

The L(2,1)-choosability of cycle, Haiying Zhou, Wai Chee Shiu, and Peter Che Bor Lam

Convergence analysis for spectral approximation to a scalar transport equation with a random wave speed, Tao Zhou and Tao Tang

Submissions from 2011

Numerical methods for backward Markov chain driven Black-Scholes option pricing, Chi Yan Au, Eric S. Fung, and Leevan Ling

A relaxed dimensional factorization preconditioner for the incompressible navier-stokes equations, Michele Benzi, Michael Ng, Qiang Niu, and Zhen Wang

Analysis of collocation solutions for a class of functional equations with vanishing delays, Hermann Brunner, Hehu Xie, and Ran Zhang

Alternating direction method for image inpainting in wavelet domain, Raymond H. Chan, Junfeng Yang, and Xiaoming Yuan

Efficacy of a Chinese herbal proprietary medicine (hemp seed pill) for functional constipation, Chung-Wah Cheng, Zhao-Xiang Bian, Li-Xing Zhu, Justin C. Y. Wu, and Joseph J. Y. Sung

A new upper bound on global defensive alliance number in trees, Xue-gang Chen and Wai Chee Shiu

Counting simsun permutations by descents, Chak-On Chow and Wai Chee Shiu

Stability and convergence analysis for a class of neural networks, Xingbao Gao and Li-Zhi Liao

The algebraic connectivity of lollipop graphs, Ji-Ming Guo, Wai Chee Shiu, and Jianxi Li

Existence of anonymous link tolls for decentralizing an oligopolistic game and the efficiency analysis, Deren Han and Xiaoming Yuan

Solving large-scale least squares covariance matrix problems by alternating direction methods, Bingsheng He, Minghua Xu, and Xiaoming Yuan

Solving over-production and supply-guarantee problems in economic equilibria, Bing-sheng He, Wei Xu, Hai Yang, and Xiao-Ming Yuan

Graphs whose critical groups have larger rank, Yao Ping Hou, Wai Chee Shiu, and Wai Hong Chan

Supercovergence of discontinuous galerkin solutions for delay differential equations of pantograph type, Qiumei Huang, Hehu Xie, and Hermann Brunner

A robust WENO type finite volume solver for steady Euler equations on unstructured grids, Guanghui Hu, Ruo Li, and Tao Tang

On gene selection and classification for cancer microarray data using multi-step clustering and sparse representation, Liping Jing, Michael K. Ng, and Tieyong Zeng

Blind deconvolution using generalized cross-validation approach to regularization parameter estimation, Haiyong Liao and Michael K. Ng

A profile-type smoothed score function for a varying coefficient partially linear model, Gaorong Li, Sanying Feng, and Heng Peng

Nonconcave penalized M-estimation with diverging number of parameters, Gaorong Li, Heng Peng, and Lixing Zhu

Note on the Laplacian Estrada index of a graph, Jianxi Li, Wai Chee Shiu, and Wai Hong Chan

On the Laplacian spectral radii of bipartite graphs, Jianxi Li, Wai Chee Shiu, and Wai Hong Chan

Note on the Laplacian Estrada index of a graph, J. Li, W. C. Shiu, and W. H. Chan

Inference on the primary parameter of interest with the aid of dimension reduction estimation, Lexin Li, Liping Zhu, and Lixing Zhu

Some Goldstein's type methods for co-coercive variant variational inequalities, M. Li, L. Z. Liao, and X. M. Yuan

Selection and combination of biomarkers using ROC method for disease classification and prediction, Huazhen Lin, Ling Zhou, Heng Peng, and Xiao-Hua Zhou

Efficient reversible watermarking based on adaptive prediction-error expansion and pixel selection, Xiaolong Li, Bin Yang, and Tieyong Zeng

An hp-version discontinuous galerkin method for integro-differential equations of parabolic type, K. Mustapha, H. Brunner, H. Mustapha, and D. Schotzau

A total variation model for retinex, Kwok Po Ng and Wei Wang

Silent aspiration and swallowing physiology after radiotherapy in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma, Louisa K. Y. Ng, Kathy Y. S. Lee, Sung Nok Chiu, Peter K. M. Ku, C. Andrew Van Hasselt, and Michael C. F. Tong

On sparse linear discriminant analysis algorithm for high-dimensional data classification, Michael K. Ng, Li-Zhi Liao, and Leihong Zhang

Inexact alternating direction methods for image recovery, Michael K. Ng, Fan Wang, and Xiaoming Yuan

Fast minimization methods for solving constrained total-variation superresolution image reconstruction, Michael Ng, Fan Wang, and Xiao-Ming Yuan

Testing equality of means when one sample has no replication, Herbert Pang and Tiejun Tong

Penalized least squares for single index models, Heng Peng and Tao Huang

An adaptive time-stepping strategy for the molecular beam epitaxy models, Zhonghua Qiao, Zhengru Zhang, and Tao Tang


Grain rotations and distortions in the asymptotic variance of vacancy of the Boolean model, Christian Rau and Sung Nok Chiu

On the adjacent vertex-distinguishing acyclic edge coloring of some graphs, Wai Chee Shiu, Wai Hong Chan, Zhong-Fu Zhang, and Liang Bian

The minimum algebraic connectivity of caterpillar unicyclic graphs, Wai Chee Shiu, Ji-Ming Guo, and Jianxi Li

Full friendly index sets and full product-cordial index sets of twisted cylinders, Wai Chee Shiu and Sin-Min Lee

Option valuation with a discrete-time double markovian regime-switching model, Tak Kuen Siu, Eric S. Fung, and Michael K. Ng

Approximate unconditional test procedure for comparing two ordered multinomials, Man-Lai Tang, Wai-Yin Poon, Leevan Ling, Yijie Liao, and Hang-Wai Chui

Recovering low-rank and sparse components of matrices from incomplete and noisy observations, Min Tao and Xiaoming Yuan

Solving a class of matrix minimization problems by linear variational inequality approaches, Min Tao, Xiao-Ming Yuan, and Bing-Sheng He

Hierarchical information-theoretic co-clustering for high dimensional data, Yuanyuan Wang, Yunming Ye, Xutao Li, Kwok Po Ng, and Joshua Huang

Approximate inverse-free preconditioners for Toeplitz matrices, You-Wei Wen, Wai-Ki Ching, and Michael Ng


Optimality of the method of fundamental solutions, Kwun Ying Wong and L. Ling

Clenshaw-Curtis-Filon-type methods for highly oscillatory Bessel transforms and applications, Shuhuang Xiang, Yeol Je Cho, Haiyong Wang, and Hermann Brunner

Collocation methods for general volterra functional integral equations with vanishing delays, Hehu Xie, Ran Zhang, and Hermann Brunner


On numerical experiments for Cauchy problems of elliptic operators, FengLian Yang and Leevan Ling

Compression and denoising using l 0-norm, Andy C. Yau, Xuecheng Tai, and Michael K. Ng

Conditional Type I error rate for superiority test conditioned on establishment of noninferiority in clinical trials, Jiacheng Yuan, Tiejun Tong, and Tie-Hua Ng

An improved proximal alternating direction method for monotone variational inequalities with separable structure, Xiaoming Yuan

An LQP-based decomposition method for solving a class of variational inequalities, Xiaoming Yuan and Min Li

Matching Pursuit Shrinkage in Hilbert Spaces, Tieyong Zeng and François Malgouyres

Numerical Blow-up of Semilinear Parabolic PDEs on Unbounded Domains in a"e(2), Jiwei Zhang, Houde Han, and Hermann Brunner

Towards the global solution of the maximal correlation problem, Lei-Hong Zhang, Li-Zhi Liao, and Li-Ming Sun

Simulating three-dimensional free surface viscoelastic flows using moving finite difference schemes, Yubo Zhang and Tao Tang

A fast high order method for electromagnetic scattering by large open cavities, Meiling Zhao, Zhonghua Qiao, and Tao Tang

Submissions from 2010

Block-triangular Preconditioners for Systems Arising From Edge-preserving Image Restoration, Zhong-Zhi Bai, Yu-Mei Huang, and Kwok Po Ng

Preconditioned iterative methods for algebraic systems from multiplicative half-quadratic regularization image restorations, Zhong-Zhi Bai, Yu-Mei Huang, Michael K. Ng, and Xi Yang

On the singular values and eigenvalues of the Fox-Li and related operators, Albrecht Böttcher, Hermann Brunner, Arieh Iserles, and Syvert P. Nørsett

Discontinuous Galerkin methods for delay differential equations of pantograph type, Hermann Brunner, Qiumei Huang, and Hehu Xie

Stability of collocation methods for delay differential equations with vanishing delays, Hermann Brunner and Hui Liang


Numerical simulations of two-dimensional fractional subdiffusion problems, Hermann Brunner, L. Ling, and Masahiro Yamamoto

Computational solution of blow-up problems for semilinear parabolic PDEs on unbounded domains, Hermann Brunner, Xiaonan Wu, and Jiwei Zhang

Heteroscedasticity and/or autocorrelation diagnostics in nonlinear models with AR(1) and symmetrical errors, Chun-Zheng Cao, Jin-Guan Lin, and Li-Xing Zhu

On an asymptotically more efficient estimation for the single-index model, Ziqing Chang, Liugen Xue, and Lixing Zhu

Adaptive method of particular solution for solving 3D inhomogeneous elliptic equations, C. S. Chen, T. O. Kwok, and L. Ling

Bias-corrected smoothed score function for single-index models, Qiang Chen, Lu Lin, and Lixing Zhu

A note on weakly connected domination number in graphs, Xue-gang Chen and Wai Chee Shiu

Convergence analysis of the Jacobi spectral-collocation methods for Volterra integral equations with a weakly singular kernel, Yanping Chen and Tao Tang


Parametric bootstrap and approximate tests for two Poisson variates, Sung Nok Chiu

A new one-layer neural network for linear and quadratic programming, Xingbao Gao and Li-Zhi Liao

A practical trial-and-error implementation of marginal-cost pricing on networks, Deren Han, Hai Yang, and Xiaoming Yuan

The efficiency analysis for oligopolistic games when cost functions are non-separable, Deren Han, Hai Yang, and Xiaoming Yuan

An energy regularization for Cauchy problems of Laplace equation in annulus domain, Houde Han, Leevan Ling, and Tomoya Takeuchi

The spectrum of the edge corona of two graphs, Yaoping Hou and Wai Chee Shiu

Product-type block preconditioners for electromagnetic cavity problems, Yu-Mei Huang and Michael K. Ng

A robust high-order residual distribution type scheme for steady Euler equations on unstructured grids, Guanghui Hu, Ruo Li, and Tao Tang

New parallel descent-like method for solving a class of variational inequalitie, Z. K. Jiang and X. M. Yuan

Prior knowledge based mining functional modules from Yeast PPI networks with gene ontology, Liping Jing and Michael K. Ng

Knowledge-based vector space model for text clustering, Liping Jing, Michael K. Ng, and Joshua Z. Huang

Construction of gene networks with hybrid approach from expression profile and gene ontology, Liping Jing, Michael K. Ng, and Ying Liu

Convergence of a finite element scheme for the two-dimensional time-dependent Schrödinger equation in a long strip, Jicheng Jin and Xiaonan Wu

Dimension-splitting data points redistribution for meshless approximation, Ting-On Kwok and Leevan Ling

Kernel density estimation based multiphase fuzzy region competition method for texture image segmentation, Fang Li and Michael K. Ng

Variational fuzzy Mumford–Shah model for image segmentation, Fang Li, Michael K. Ng, and Chunming Li

Multiplicative noise removal with spatially varying regularization parameters, Fang Li, Michael K. Ng, and Chaomin Shen

A multiphase image segmentation method based on fuzzy region competition, Fang Li, Michael K. Ng, Tie Yong Zeng, and Chunli Shen

Adaptive confidence region for the direction in semiparametric regressions, Gao-Rong Li, Li-Ping Zhu, and Li-Xing Zhu