Submissions from 2010

Empirical likelihood inference in partially linear single-index models for longitudinal data, Gaorong Li, Lixing Zhu, Liugen Xue, and Sanying Feng

The orderings of bicyclic graphs and connected graphs by algebraic connectivity, Jianxi Li, Ji-Ming Guo, and Wai Chee Shiu

The smallest values of algebraic connectivity for unicyclic graphs, Jianxi Li, Ji-Ming Guo, and Wai Chee Shiu

On the kth Laplacian eigenvalues of trees with perfect matchings, Jianxi Li, Wai Chee Shiu, and An Chang


The Laplacian spectral radius of graphs, Jianxi Li, Wai Chee Shiu, and An Chang

The number of spanning trees of a graph, Jianxi Li, Wai Chee Shiu, and An Chang

Ordering trees by their largest Laplacian eigenvalues, Jianxi Li, Wai Chee Shiu, and Wai Hong Chan

An improved LQP-based method for solving nonlinear complementarity problems, Min Li and Xiao-Ming Yuan

Inverse product Toeplitz preconditioners for non-Hermitian Toeplitz systems, Fu-Rong Lin and Michael K. Ng

SKM-SNP: SNP markers detection method, Yang Liu, Mark Li, Yiu M. Cheung, Pak C. Sham, and Michael K. Ng

On cluster tree for nested and multi-density data clustering, Xutao Li, Yunming Ye, Mark Junjie Li, and Michael K. Ng

On variance components in semiparametric mixed models for longitudinal data, Zaixing Li and Lixing Zhu

Testing for random effects in linear mixed models for longitudinal data under moment conditions, Zai Xing Li, Li Xing Zhu, Ping Wu, Jian Hong Wu, and Wang Li Xu

Decay in functions of multiband matrices, N. Mastronardi, M. Ng, and E. E. Tyrtyshnikov

Approximate inverse circulant-plus-diagonal preconditioners for toeplitz-plus-diagonal matrices, Michael K. Ng and Jianyu Pan

Numerical methods for interactive multiple-class image segmentation problems, Michael K. Ng, Guoping Qiu, and Andy M. Yip

Solving constrained total-variation image restoration and reconstruction problems via alternating direction methods, Michael K. Ng, Pierre Weiss, and Xiaoming Yuan

Fast nonconvex nonsmooth minimization methods for image restoration and reconstruction, Mila Nikolova, Michael K. Ng, and Chi-Pan Tam

Analysing breast cancer microarrays from African Americans using shrinkage-based discriminant analysis, Herbert Pang, Keita Ebisu, Emi Watanabe, Laura Y. Sue, and Tiejun Tong

Minimax current density coil design, Michael Poole, Pierre Weiss, Hector Sanchez Lopez, Michael Ng, and Stuart Crozier

Some results on matching and total domination in graphs, Wai Chee Shiu, Xue-gang Chen, and Wai Hong Chan

Triangle-free graphs with large independent domination number, Wai Chee Shiu, Xue-gang Chen, and Wai Hong Chan

Uniformly pair-bonded trees, Wai Chee Shiu, Xue-Gang Chen, and Wai Hong Chan

Full friendly index sets of Cartesian products of two cycles, Wai Chee Shiu and Man Ho Ling

On the spectra of the fullerenes that contain a nontrivial cyclic-5-cutset, Wai Chee Shiu, Wei Li, and Wai Hong Chan

Strong vertex-graceful labelings for some double cycles, Wai Chee Shiu and F. S. Wong

Maximal resonance of cubic bipartite polyhedral graphs, Wai Chee Shiu, Heping Zhang, and Saihua Liu

Confidence intervals for a difference between proportions based on paired data, Man-Lai Tang, Man-Ho Ling, Leevan Ling, and Guoliang Tian


Moving-boundary problems solved by adaptive radial basis functions, L. Vrankar, E. J. Kansa, L. Ling, F. Runovc, and G. Turk

Steplengths in the extragradient type methods, Xiang Wang, Bingsheng He, and Li-Zhi Liao

Evaluation of value at risk: An empirical likelihood approach, Zhenghong Wei and Lixing Zhu

Accurate vascular delay estimation from low-temporal resolution image data set [life sciences], Kelvin Wong, Chipan Tam, and Michael Ng

Diagnostic checking for conditional heteroscedasticity models, Jian Hong Wu and Li Xing Zhu

Goodness-of-fit tests for vector autoregressive models in time series, Jian Hong Wu and Li Xing Zhu

An orthogonality-based estimation of moments for linear mixed models, Ping Wu and Li xing Zhu

High order local absorbing boundary conditions for heat equations in unbounded domains, Xiaonan Wu and Jiwei Zhang

An adaptive greedy technique for inverse boundary determination problem, F. L. Yang, L. Ling, and T. Wei

Comments on "Envelope models for parsimonious and efficient multivariate linear regression" by Cook, D. and Li, B. and Chiaromonte, Zhou Yu and Lixing Zhu

Alternating minimization method for total variation based wavelet shrinkage model, Tieyong Zeng, Xiaolong Li, and Michael Ng

On the total variation dictionary model, Tieyong Zeng and Michael K. Ng

Two samples tests for functional data, Chongqi Zhang, Heng Peng, and Jin-Ting Zhang

Forcing matching numbers of fullerene graphs, Heping Zhang, Dong Ye, and Wai Chee Shiu

Fast algorithms for the generalized foley–sammon discriminant analysis, Lei-Hong Zhang, Li-Zhi Liao, and Michael K. Ng

Simultaneous confidence band and hypothesis test in generalised varying-coefficient models, Wenyang Zhang and Heng Peng

Simulating two-phase viscoelastic flows using moving finite element methods, Yubo Zhang, Heyu Wang, and Tao Tang

Note on coefficient matrices from Stochastic Galerkin methods for random diffusion equations, Tao Zhou and Tao Tang

Sufficient dimension reduction through discretization-expectation estimation, Liping Zhu, Tao Wang, Lixing Zhu, and Louis Ferré

A Sparse eigen-decomposition estimation for semiparametric models, Li-Ping Zhu, Zhou Yu, and Li-Xing Zhu

On dimension reduction in regression with multivariate responses, Li-Ping Zhu, Lixing Zhu, and Song-Qiao Wen

Adaptive global confidence band for nonparametric regression: an empirical likelihood method, Lixing Zhu, Lu Lin, and Qiang Chen

Bias-corrected empirical likelihood in a multi-link semiparametric model, Lixing Zhu, Lu Lin, Xia Cui, and Gaorong Li

Submissions from 2009

Nonparametric transition-based tests for jump diffusions, Yacine Aït-Sahalia, Jianqing Fan, and Heng Peng

A spectral method for pantograph-type delay differential equations and its convergence analysis, Ishtiaq Ali, Hermann Brunner, and Tao Tang

Spectral methods for pantograph-type differential and integral equations with multiple delays, Ishtiaq Ali, Hermann Brunner, and Tao Tang

A coordinate gradient descent method for nonsmooth nonseparable minimization, Zheng-Jian Bai, Kwok Po Ng, and Liqun Qi

Current work and open problems in the numerical analysis of Volterra functional equations with vanishing delays, Hermann Brunner

Numerical analysis for functional differential and integral equations, Hermann Brunner, Tao Tang, and Stefan Vandewalle


Multisymplectic Preissman scheme for the time-domain Maxwell's equations, Jiaxiang Cai, Yushun Wang, and Zhonghua Qiao

Edge-face total chromatic number of Halin graphs, W. H. Chan, Peter C.B. Lam, and W. C. Shiu

A note on the domination dot-critical graphs, Xue-gang Chen and Wai Chee Shiu

Collapsible graphs and reductions of line graphs, Zhi-Hong Chen, Peter C.B. Lam, and Wai-Chee Shiu


Generalized Cramér–von Mises goodness-of-fit tests for multivariate distributions, Sung Nok Chiu and Kwong Ip Liu


Homogeneity tests for several Poisson populations, Sung Nok Chiu and Ling Wang

Covariate-adjusted nonlinear regression, Xia Cui, Wensheng Guo, Lu Lin, and Lixing Zhu


Applicability of the method of fundamental solutions, Tyler W. Drombosky, Ashley Meyer, and L. Ling

A fast l1-TV algorithm for image restoration, Xiaoxia Guo, Fang Li, and Kwok Po Ng

Numerical soliton solutions for a discrete sine-gordon system, Houde Han, Jiwei Zhang, and Hermann Brunner

Mining, modeling, and evaluation of subnetworks from large biomolecular networks and its comparison study, Xiaohua Hu, Michael Ng, Fang-Xiang Wu, and Bahrad A. Sokhansanj

Testing the adequacy of GARCH-type models in time series, Wu Jianhong and Zhu Lixing

SMART: A subspace clustering algorithm that automatically identifies the appropriate number of clusters, Liping Jing, Junjie Li, Michael K. Ng, Yiu-Ming Cheung, and Joshua Huang

Numerical simulation of two-dimensional combustion using mesh-free methods, Edward J. Kansa, Ralph C. Aldredge, and Leevan Ling

On distance two labelling of unit interval graphs, Peter Che Bor Lam, Tao-Ming Wang, Wai Chee Shiu, and Guohua Gu


On convergent numerical algorithms for unsymmetric collocation, Cheng-Feng Lee, L. Ling, and Robert Schaback

Selection of regularization parameter in total variation image restoration, Haiyong Liao, Fang Li, and Michael K. Ng

On the Laplacian Estrada index of a graph, Jianxi Li, Wai Chee Shiu, and An Chang

Some results on the Laplacian eigenvalues of unicyclic graphs, Jianxi Li, Wai Chee Shiu, and Wai Hong Chan

The Laplacian spectral radius of some graphs, Jianxi Li, Wai Chee Shiu, and Wai Hong Chan

On the spectral radius of graphs with connectivity at most k, J. Li, W. C. Shiu, W. H. Chan, and A. Chang

Proximal point algorithms for general variational inequalities, M. Li, L. Z. Liao, and X. M. Yuan

An improved subspace selection algorithm for meshless collocation methods, Leevan Ling and Robert Schaback

Heteroscedasticity diagnostics for t linear regression models, Jin-Guan Lin, Li-Xing Zhu, and Feng-Chang Xie

An adaptive two-stage estimation method for additive models, Lu Lin, Xia Cui, and Lixing Zhu

Shrunken methodology to genome-wide SNPs selection and construction of SNPs networks, Yang Liu and Kwok Po Ng

Influence diagnostics and outlier tests for varying coefficient mixed models, Zaixing Li, Wangli Xu, and Lixing Zhu

Approximation BFGS methods for nonlinear image restoration, Lin-Zhang Lu, Michael K. Ng, and Fu-Rong Lin

A new fuzzy k-modes clustering algorithm for categorical data, Kwok Po Ng and Liping Jing

Finding the largest eigenvalue of a nonnegative tensor, Michael Ng, Liqun Qi, and Guanglu Zhou

Super-resolution reconstruction algorithm to MODIS remote sensing images, Huanfeng Shen, Michael K. Ng, Pingxiang Li, and Liangpei Zhang

An algebraic approach for finding balance index sets, Wai Chee Shiu and Harris Kwong

Unicyclic and bicyclic graphs of rank 4 or 5, Wai Chee Shiu, Jianxi Li, and Wai Hong Chan

Zk-magic labellings of fans and wheels with magic value zero, Wai Chee Shiu and Richard M. Low

Extreme friendly indices of Cm × Pn, Wai Chee Shiu and Fook Sun Wong

The maximum Randić index of chemical trees with k pendants, Wai Chee Shiu and Lian-zhu Zhang

The strong chromatic index of complete cubic Halin graphs, W. C. Shiu and W. K. Tam

A high-order Markov-switching model for risk measurement, T. K. Siu, W. K. Ching, E. Fung, M. Ng, and X. Li

Effective condition number for boundary knot method, F. Z. Wang, Leevan Ling, and W. Chen

Estimation for a partial-linear single-index model, Jane-Ling Wang, Liugen Xue, Lixing Zhu, and Yun Sam Chong

A note on parameter estimations of panel vector autoregressive models with intercorrelation, Jian-Hong Wu, Li-Xing Zhu, and Zai-Xing Li

A goodness-of-fit test for a varying-coefficients model in longitudinal studies, Wang-Li Xu and Li-Xing Zhu

Kernel-based generalized cross-validation in non-parametric mixed-effect models, Wangli Xu and Lixing Zhu