Submissions from 2018


Career Adaptability, Self-Esteem, and Social Support Among Hong Kong University Students, Tracy Hui


Career-Related Filial Piety and Career Adaptability in Hong Kong University Students, Tracy Hui, Mantak Yuen, and Gaowei Chen


Job insecurity and the changing workplace: Recent developments and the future trends in job insecurity research, Cynthia Lee, Guo-Hua Huang, and Susan J. Ashford

Submissions from 2017


Roles of relationships between large shareholders and managers in radical innovation: A stewardship theory perspective, Feng Zhang, Liqun Wei, Jianjun Yang, and Lei Zhu

Submissions from 2016


Deviance and exit: The organizational costs of job insecurity and moral disengagement, Guo-Hua Huang, Ned Wellman, Susan J. Ashford, Cynthia Lee, and Li Wang

Asian researchers should be more critical: The example of testing mediators using time-lagged data, Kenneth S. Law, Chi-Sum Wong, Ming Yan, and Guohua Huang

The impact of mentorship quality on mentors’ personal learning and work–family interface, Yina Mao, Ho Kwong Kwan, Randy K Chiu, and Xiao Zhang

Submissions from 2015

Geely automotive's acquisition of volvo, Yuanyi Chen, Xinran Wang, and Michael N. Young

Social trust and angel investors' decisions: A multilevel analysis across nations, Zhujun Ding, Kevin Au, and Flora Chiang

Empowering leadership, psychological empowerment and employee outcomes: Testing a multi-level mediating model, Kai Hung Fong and Ed Snape

Organization-based self-esteem, psychological contract fulfillment, and perceived employment opportunities: A test of self-regulatory theory, Donald G. Gardner, Guo-Hua Huang, Xiongying Niu, Jon L. Pierce, and Cynthia Lee


Benefiting from CEO's empowerment of TMTs: Does CEO–TMT dissimilarity matter?, Yan Ling, Liqun Wei, Richard J. Klimoski, and Longzeng Wu

Unleashing angst: Negative mood, learning goal orientation, psychological empowerment and creative behaviour, March L To, Cynthia D Fisher, and Neal M Ashkanasy

A multilevel model of transformational leadership, affect, and creative process behavior in work teams, March L. To, Herman H.M. Tse, and Neal M. Ashkanasy


CEO characteristics and corporate entrepreneurship in transition economies: Evidence from China, Li-Qun Wei and Yan Ling

Submissions from 2014

The influence of business school’s ethical climate on students’ unethical behavior, Thomas A. Birtch and Flora F. T. Chiang

Linking market orientation and environmental performance: The influence of environmental strategy, employee’s environmental involvement, and environmental product quality, Yang Chen, Guiyao Tang, Jiafei Jin, Ji Li, and Pascal Paillé

CEOs’ transformational leadership and product innovation performance: The roles of corporate entrepreneurship and technology orientation, Yang Chen, Guiyao Tang, Jiafei Jin, Qinghong Xie, and Ji Li

Front-line service employees’ job satisfaction in the hospitality industry: The influence of job demand variability and the moderating roles of job content and job context factors, Flora F. T. Chiang, Thomas A. Birtch, and Zhenyao Cai

Civic duty and employee outcomes: Do high commitment human resource practices and work overload matter?, Julian S. Gould-Williams, Paul Bottomley, Tom Redman, Ed Snape, David J. Bishop, Thanawut Limpanitgul, and Ahmed Mohammed Sayed Mostafa

Environmental protection in the hometown of panda - Chinese philosophical perspectives, J. Li, Z. Cai, H. Zhu, and Yung Fong Lo

Environmental protection of panda habitat in the wolong nature reserve: A Chinese perspective, Ji Li, Yali Tan, Hong Zhu, Zhenyao Cai, and Susanna Y. F. Lo

Customer sexual harassment and frontline employees’ service performance in China, Xiao-Yu Liu, Ho Kwong Kwan, and Randy K. Chiu

Chinese firms' sustainable development-The role of future orientation, environmental commitment, and employee training, Zhiqiang Liu, Ji Li, Hong Zhu, Zhenyao Cai, and Luning Wang

Chinese firms' sustainable development-The role of future orientation, environmental commitment, and employee training, Zhiqiang Liu, Ji Li, Hong Zhu, Zhenyao Cai, and Luning Wang

The timing of market entry and firm performance: A perspective of institutional theory, Yongqiang Li, Ji Li, and Zhenyao Cai

Perceptions of organizational politics: A need satisfaction paradigm, Christopher C. Rosen, D. Lance Ferris, Douglas J. Brown, Yuanyi Chen, and Ming Yan

How "collective" is union citizenship behavior? Assessing individual and coworker antecedents, Ed Snape, Tom Redman, and Julian Gould-Williams

How effective human resource management promotes corporate entrepreneurship: evidence from China, Guiyao Tang, Li-Qun Wei, Ed Snape, and Ying Chu Ng

Does collectivism affect environmental ethics? a multi-level study of top management teams from chemical firms in China, Xinran Wang and Michael N. Young

CEO ethical leadership and corporate social responsibility: A moderated mediation model, Long-Zeng Wu, Ho Kwong Kwan, Frederick Hong-kit Yim, Randy K. Chiu, and Xiaogang He

Hostile attribution bias and negative reciprocity beliefs exacerbate incivility’s effects on interpersonal deviance, Long-Zeng Wu, Haina Zhang, Randy K. Chiu, Ho Kwong Kwan, and Xiaogang He

Strategy in emerging economies and the theory of the firm, Michael N. Young, Terence Tsai, Xinran Wang, Shubo Liu, and David Ahlstrom

Corporate social responsibility, firm reputation, and firm performance: The role of ethical leadership, Yan Zhu, Li-Yun Sun, and Alicia S. M. Leung

Submissions from 2013

Incubating the next generation to venture: The case of a family business in Hong Kong, Kevin Au, Flora F. T. Chiang, Thomas A. Birtch, and Zhujun Ding

Are cultural values associated with organizational and union commitment and citizenship behavior? A study of Chinese manufacturing workers, Andy W. Chan and Ed Snape

The Janus face of paternalistic leaders: Authoritarianism, benevolence, subordinates' organization-based self-esteem, and performance, Simon C. H. Chan, Xu Huang, Ed Snape, and Catherine K. Lam

Self-love's lost labor: A self-enhancement model of workplace incivility, Yuanyi Chen, D. Lance Ferris, Ho Kwong Kwan, Ming Yan, Mingjian Zhou, and Ying Hong


Reducing job insecurity and increasing performance ratings: Does impression management matter?, Guohua Emily Huang, Helen Hailin Zhao, Xiong-ying Niu, Susan J. Ashford, and Cynthia Lee

Regional differences in a national culture and their effects on leadership effectiveness: A tale of two neighboring Chinese cities, Ji Li, Yali Tan, Zhenyao Cai, Hong Zhu, and Xinran Wang

Leadership style and employee turnover intentions: A social identity perspective, Zhiqiang Liu, Zhenyao Cai, Ji Li, Shengping Shi, and Yongqing Fang

Outcome favorability in the link between leader–member exchange and organizational citizenship behavior: Procedural fairness climate matters, Li-Yun Sun, Irene Hau Siu Chow, Randy K. Chiu, and Wen Pan

The impact of human resource management practices in the entrepreneurial process: Evidence from China, Liqun Wei

What a diverse top management team means: Testing an integrated model, Li-Qun Wei and Longzeng Wu

Influence of CEO demography on entrepreneurial orientation: The moderating role of competitive intensity, Jun Yang and Li-Qun Wei

How international firms conduct societal marketing in emerging markets, Fue Zeng, Ji Li, Hong Zhu, Zhenyao Cai, and Pengcheng Li

Strategic symbiotic alliances and market orientation: An empirical testing in the Chinese car industry, Fue Zeng, Shengping Shi, J. Li, Susanna Y. F. Lo, and Hong Zhu

Submissions from 2012

Longitudinal effects of job insecurity on employee outcomes: The moderating role of emotional intelligence and the leader-member exchange, Ting Cheng, Guo-hua Huang, Cynthia Lee, and Xiaopeng Ren

Using experience sampling methodology in organizational behavior, Cynthia D. Fisher and March L. To


Differentiating cognitive and affective job insecurity: Antecedents and outcomes, Guohua Emily Huang, Xiongying Niu, Cynthia Lee, and Susan J. Ashford

The effects of employee training on the relationship between environmental attitude and firms' performance in sustainable development, Li Ji, Jun Huang, Zhiqiang Liu, Hong Zhu, and Zhenyao Cai

Collectivistic-HRM, firm strategy and firm performance: An empirical test, Li Ji, Guiyao Tang, Xinran Wang, Ming Yan, and Zhiqiang Liu

Symbiotic ownership, cultural alignment, and firm performance: A test among international strategic alliances, Ji Li, Chris W.L. Chu, Xinran Wang, Hong Zhu, Guiyao Tang, and Yuanyi Chen

A Yin/Yang perspective on the 2008 global financial crisis, Ji Li, Alicia S.M. Leung, Michael Young, Yang Xin, Zhenyao Cai, and Jun Huang

Firms' human resource in information system and sustainable performance: Does their organizational identity matter?, Ji Li, Guiyao Tang, and Yang Chen

The development of entrepreneurship in Chinese communities: An organizational symbiosis perspective, Ji Li, Michael N. Young, and Guiyao Tang

Efficiency of Chinese enterprises: Does human resource management matter?, Ying Chu Ng and Li-Qun Wei

Applying uncertainty management theory to employee voice behavior: An integrative investigation, Riki Takeuchi, Zhijun Chen, and Siu Yin Cheung

Developing and utilizing intra-organizational network resources: Roles of political skill, Li-Qun Wei, Flora F.T. Chiang, and Long-Zeng Wu

Effective teamwork at the top: The evidence from China, Li-Qun Wei and Chung-Ming Lau

Submissions from 2011

Multiple foci and bases of commitment in a Chinese workforce, Andy W. Chana, Ed Snapeb, and Tom Redmanc

Reward climate and its impact on service quality orientation and employee attitudes, Flora F.T. Chiang and Thomas A. Birtch

The moderating effect of collectivistic orientation in psychological empowerment and job satisfaction relationship, Henry Fock, Flora Chiang, Kevin Y. Au, and Michael K. Hui

Employee creativity and motivation in the Chinese context: The moderating role of organizational culture, Alice H. Y. Hon and Alicia S. M. Leung

The relations between life domain satisfaction and subjective well‐being, Alicia S.M. Leung, Yu Ha Cheung, and Xiangyang Liu

The impact of workplace ostracism in service organizations, Alicia S.M. Leung, L. Z. Wu, Y. Y. Chen, and Michael N. Young

The FIEF-Specific factors in the Chinese economy: The effects of state ownership, Ji Li, Yuanyi Chen, Gui Yao Tang, Fei Fang, and Fue Zeng

Age diversity and firm performance in an emerging economy: Implications for cross-cultural human resource management, Ji Li, Chris Wai Lung Chu, Kevin C. K. Lam, and Stacy Liao

Multiple constituencies of trust: A study of the Oman military, Tom Redman, Graham Dietz, Ed Snape, and Wieke van der Borg

Multimarket contact and firm performance: The moderating effect of Confucian culture, Guiyao Tang, Ji Li, and Xinran Wang

SHRM and product innovation: Testing the moderating effects of organizational culture and structure in Chinese firms, Li-Qun Wei, Jun Liu, and Neil C. Herndon

Dispositional antecedents and consequences of workplace ostracism: An empirical examination, Longzeng Wu, Liqun Wei, and Chun Hui

Employee experienced HPWPs and job performance: Roles of person-job fit and intrinsic motivation, Longzeng Wu, Li-Qun Wei, Yichi Zhang, and Tielin Han

认同理论视角下新员工组织社会化的定义及结构维度 = The definition, dimensionality and content of newcomer’s organizational socialization: A perspective from identity theory, Ming Yan, Hong-Wei Tu, and Ji Li

What do firms from transition economies want from their strategic alliance partners?, Michael N. Young, David Ahlstrom, Garry D. Bruton, and Yuri Rubanik

Submissions from 2010

Cross-border mergers and acquisitions by Chinese listed companies: A principal–principal perspective, Yuan Yi Chen and Michael N. Young

Appraising performance across borders: an empirical examination of the purposes and practices of performance appraisal in a multi-country context, Flora F.T. Chiang and Thomas A. Birtch

Pay for performance and work attitudes: The mediating role of employee–organization service value congruence, Flora F.T. Chiang and Thomas A. Birtch

The moderating roles of job control and work-life balance practices on employee stress in the hotel and catering industry, Flora F.T. Chiang, Thomas A. Birtch, and Ho Kwong Kwan

Examining human resource management outsourcing in Hong Kong, Flora F.T. Chiang, Irene Hau-Siu Chow, and Thomas A. Birtch

HRM practices, organizational citizenship behaviour, and performance: A multi-level analysis, Ed Snape and Tom Redman

Sinyi real estate in China: The challenges of maintaining an ethical business culture, Terence Tsai, Michael N. Young, Bor-Shiuan Cheng, and Shubo Phillip Liu

High performance work systems and performance: The role of adaptive capability, Li-Qun Wei and Chung-Ming Lau

Political skill, supervisor–subordinate guanxi and career prospects in Chinese firms, Li-Qun Wei, Jun Liu, Yuan-Yi Chen, and Long-Zeng Wu

Empowering leadership and team creativity: The roles of team learning behavior, team creative efficacy, and team task complexity, Xiaomeng Zhang, Yuanyi Chen, and Ho Kwong Kwan

Submissions from 2008


The effects of emotional intelligence on job performance and life satisfaction for the research and development scientists in China, Kenneth S. Law, Chi-Sum Wong, Guohua Emily Huang, and Xiaoxuan Li


On the importance of conducting construct-level analysis for multidimensional constructs in theory development and testing, Chi-Sum Wong, Kenneth S. Law, and Guohua Emily Huang