Submissions from 2017


Do employee citizenship behaviors lead to customer citizenship behaviors? The roles of dual identification and service climate, Kimmy Wa Chan, Taeshik Gong, Ruixue Zhang, and Mingjian Zhou

The effect of social exclusion on consumer preference for anthropomorphized brands, Rocky Peng Chen, Echo Wen Wan, and Eric Levy

Impact of historical conflict on FDI location and performance: Japanese investment in China, Gerald Yong Gao, Danny Tan Wang, and Yi Che

Social exclusion and consumer switching behavior: A control restoration mechanism, Lei Su, Yuwei Jiang, Zhangsheng Chen, and C. Nathan DeWall

Redefining home: How cultural distinctiveness affects the malleability of in-group boundaries and brand preferences, Carlos J. Torelli, Rohini Ahluwalia, Shirley Y. Y. Cheng, Nicholas J. Oslon, and Jennifer L. Stoner

Judging a book by its cover? The effect of anthropomorphism on product attribute processing and consumer preference, Echo Wen Wan, Rocky Peng Chen, and Liyin Jin

Leveraging internal resources and external business networks for new product success: A dynamic capabilities perspective, Junfeng Zhang and Wei-ping Wu

Submissions from 2016

Cultural threats in culturally mixed encounters hamper creative performance for individuals with lower openness to experience, Xia Chen, Angela K. Y. Leung, Daniel Y. J. Yang, Chi-yue Chiu, Zhong-quan Li, and Shirley Y. Y. Cheng

The role of sales representatives in cross-cultural business-to-business relationships, Flora F. Gu, Jeff Jianfeng Wang, and Danny T. Wang

The impact of CEO servant leadership on firm performance in the hospitality industry, Jun Huang, Weiwen Li, Canhua Qiu, Frederick Hong-kit Yim, and Junbao Wan

Anthropomorphized helpers undermine autonomy and enjoyment in computer games, Sara Kim, Rocky Peng Chen, and Ke Zhang

The role of brand equity and face saving in Chinese luxury consumption, Noel Yee-Man Siu, Ho Yan Kwan, and Celeste Yunru Zeng


Hurting or helping? The effect of service agents’ workplace ostracism on customer service perceptions, Echo Wen Wan, Kimmy Wa Chan, and Rocky Peng Chen

Submissions from 2015

Interpersonal factors as drivers of quality and performance in western–Hong Kong interorganizational business relationships, Bradley R. Barnes, Leonidas S. Leonidou, Yee Man Noel Siu, and Constantinos N. Leonidou

How are brand names of Chinese companies perceived by Americans?, Marc Fetscherin, Adamantios Diamantopoulos, Allan Chan, and Rachael Abbott

Choice decision of e-learning system: Implications from construal level theory, Candy Ka Yan Ho, Weiling Ke, and Hefu Liu

Effects of mentoring on customer orientation: The moderating role of gender, Ho Kwong Kwan, Frederick Hong-kit Yim, and Xia Zhou


The roles of consumer ethnocentrism, animosity, and cosmopolitanism in sponsorship effects, Richard Lee and Marc Mazodier

Surprisingly complex life: Sue Leung's story, Gerard Prendergast, Savini Ma, and Yan Ming Elizabeth Tsui

The influence of trait affect and the five-factor personality model on impulse buying, Edmund R. Thompson and Gerard P. Prendergast

Submissions from 2014


Should different marketing communication strategies be used to promote healthy eating among male and female adolescents?, Kara Chan, Yu-Leung Ng, and Gerard Prendergast

Leader–member exchange and industrial relations climate: Mediating of participatory management in China, Millissa F. Y. Cheung and Wei Ping Wu

Surprisingly complex life: Sue Leung's story, Gerard Prendergast, Savini Ma, and Elizabeth Tsui Yan Ming

Consumer perceptions of salesperson gender and credibility: An evolutionary explanation, Gerard Paul Prendergast, Sze Sze Li, and Connie Li

Predicting handbill avoidance in Hong Kong and the UK, Gerard P. Prendergast, Alex S.L. Tsang, and Ranis Cheng

Effect of corporate social responsibility, customer attribution and prior expectation on post-recovery satisfaction, Noel Yee-Man Siu, Tracy Jun-Feng Zhang, and Ho-Yan Kwan

Strategy compatibility: The time versus money effect on product evaluation strategies, Lei Su and Leilei Gao


Foreign direct investment, institutional development, and environmental externalities: Evidence from China, Danny T. Wang and Wendy Y. Chen

Does delaying service-failure resolution ever make sense?, Yuanyuan Zhou, Alex S.L. Tsang, Minxue Huang, and Nan Zhou

Group service recovery strategies effectiveness: The moderating effects of group size and relational distance, Yuanyuan Zhou, Alex S.L. Tsang, Minxue Huang, and Nan Zhou

Impact of firms' policies on Chinese industrial purchasers' ethical decision making, Guijun Zhuang, Neil C. Herndon, and Alex S.L. Tsang

Submissions from 2013

Economic development and natural amenity: An econometric analysis of urban green spaces in China, Wendy Y. Chen and Danny T. Wang

Urban forest development in China: Natural endowment or socioeconomic product?, Wendy Y. Chen and Danny T. Wang

Supervisor–subordinate kankei, job satisfaction and work outcomes in Japanese firms, Millissa F.Y. Cheung, Wei-Ping Wu, and Mei-Ling Wong

Multinationals, institutions and economic growth in China, Yi Che and Danny T. Wang

Servicescape elements, customer predispositions and service experience: The case of theme park visitors, Ping Dong and Yee Man Noel Siu

Moderation effects of power distance on the relationship between types of empowerment and employee satisfaction, Henry Fock, Michael K. Hui, Kevin Au, and Michael Harris Bond

An evolutionary explanation for shopping behavior, Gerard Prendergast and Choi Ching Lam

Rational and irrational influences on lucky draw participation, Gerard Paul Joseph Prendergast and Edmund R. Thompson

Donors' experience of sustained charitable giving: a phenomenological study, Gerard P. Prendergast and Chan Hak Wai Maggie

New service bonds and customer value in customer relationship management: The case of museum visitors, Noel Yee-Man Siu, Tracy Jun-Feng Zhang, Ping Dong, and Ho-Yan Kwan

The roles of justice and customer satisfaction in customer retention: A lesson from service recovery, Noel Yee-Man Siu, Tracy Jun-Feng Zhang, and Cheuk-Ying Jackie Yau

Cultural contingency in the cognitive model of entrepreneurial intention, Wai-sum Siu and Eric Siu-chung Lo

Belief in luck and luckiness: Conceptual clarification and new measure validation, Edmund R. Thompson and Gerard P. Prendergast

企业创建自主品牌关键影响因素动态演化的实地研究——基于广州12家企业个案现场访谈数据的质性分析, Chao Hui Wang, Kit Kwong Allan Chan, Ting Huang, and Yu Cheng

Observer effects of punishment in a distribution network, Danny T. Wang, Flora F. Gu, and Maggie Chuoyan Dong

When does FDI matter? the roles of local institutions and ethnic origins of FDI, Danny T. Wang, Flora F. Gu, David K. Tse, and Chi Kin Bennett Yim

Social responsibility climate as a double-edged sword: How employee-perceived social responsibility climate shapes the meaning of their voluntary work?, Frederick Yim and Henry Fock

Factors affecting new product post‐adoption behavior in a major US automotive supply chain: An examination of antecedents to technology internalization, Frederick Hong-kit Yim, Howard Forman, and Hyokjin Kwa

Social capital and new product development outcomes: The mediating role of sensing capability in Chinese high-tech firms, Junfeng Zhang and Wei-ping Wu

Recovery strategy for group service failures: The interaction effects between recovery modes and recovery dimensions, Yuanyuan Zhou, Minxue Huang, Alex S. L. Tsang, and Nan Zhou

Submissions from 2012

The effects of self-brand connections on responses to brand failure: A new look at the consumer–brand relationship, Shirley Y.Y. Cheng, Tiffany Barnett White, and Lan Nguyen Chaplin

Leader-member exchange and employee work outcomes in Chinese firms: The mediating role of job satisfaction, Millissa F.Y. Cheung and Wei-ping Wu

In China? pick your brand name carefully, Marc Fetscherin, Ilan Alon, Romie Littrell, and Kit Kwong Allan Chan

中文譯名要當心, M. Fetsherin, I. Alon, R. Littrell, and Kit Kwong Allan Chan

Abusive supervision and frontline employees' service performance, Zhaoquan Jian, Ho Kwong Kwan, Qian Qiu, Zhi Qiang Liu, and Frederick Hong-kit Yim

The role of cultural tightness–looseness in the ethics of service recovery, Connie Li, Henry Fock, and Anna S. Mattila

Elucidating the conceptual structure of a business domain via exploratory network analysis of business survey data, Shing-Chung Ngan and Alex S.L. Tsang

The hand, the bill... or both? the role of credibility in handbill acceptance, Gerard P. Prendergast, King Ting Wai, and Wing Yi Cheung

The impact of the servicescape on the desire to stay in convention and exhibition centers: The case of Macao, Noel Yee-Man Siu, Penny Yim King Wan, and Ping Dong

Pictures versus words in changing implicit attitudes in ambush marketing disclosure: The role of valence of mental images, Oliver Trendel, Marc Mazodier, and Kathleen Vohs

Coping with workplace ostracism: the roles of ingratiation and political skill in employee psychological distress, Long-Zeng Wu, Frederick Hong-kit Yim, Ho Kwong Kwan, and Xiaomeng Zhang

The impact of buyers on salespersons’ ethical judgment and behavioral intention to practice gray marketing, Guijun Zhuang, Neil C. Herndon, and Alex S. L. Tsang

Submissions from 2011


Danish and Chinese adolescents' perceptions of healthy eating and attitudes toward regulatory measures, Kara Chan, Gerard Prendergast, Alice Grønhøj, and Tino Bech-Larsen

Participatory management and employee work outcomes: The moderating role of supervisor–subordinate guanxi, Millissa F.Y. Cheung and Wei-Ping Wu

Member–organization connection impacts in affinity marketing, Henry Fock, Allan K.K. Chan, and Dengfeng Yan

The role of program fairness in asymmetrical channel relationships, Flora F. Gu and Danny T. Wang

Making your online voice loud: The critical role of WOM information, Minxue Huang, Fengyan Cai, Alex S.L. Tsang, and Nan Zhou

Prior relationships and consumer responses to service failures: A cross-cultural study, Michael K. Hui, Candy K. Y. Ho, and Lisa C. Wan

Globalization and folk theory of social change: How globalization relates to societal perceptions about the past and future, Yoshihisa Kashima, Junqi Shi, Koji Tsuchiya, Emiko S. Kashima, Shirley Y. Y. Cheng, Melody Manchi Chao, and Shang-hui Shin

Effects of mentoring functions on receivers' organizational citizenship behavior in a Chinese context: A two-study investigation, Ho Kwong Kwan, Jun Liu, and Frederick Hong-kit Yim

The role of computational ease on the decision to spend loyalty program points, Jessica Y.Y. Kwong, Dilip Soman, and Candy K.Y. Ho

Privatization and risk sharing: Evidence from the split share structure reform in China, Kai Li, Tan Wang, Yan-Leung Cheung, and Ping Jiang

La remise en cause des subventions des collectivités territoriales aux clubs sportifs professionnels, Marc Mazodier

Linking sports sponsorship with purchase intentions: Team performance, stars, and the moderating role of team identification, Heidi M. K. Ngan, Gerard Paul Joseph Prendergast, and Sze Lung Tsang

The role of renqing in mediating customer relationship investment and relationship commitment in China, Guicheng Shi, Yizheng Shi, Allan K.K. Chan, Matthew Tingchi Liu, and Kim-Shyan Fam

Cultural meanings of brands and consumption: A window into the cultural psychology of globalization, Carlos Torelli and Shirley Cheng

Power or market? location determinants of multinational headquarters in China, Danny T Wang, Simon X Zhao, Flora F Gu, and Wendy Y Chen

Lay psychology of globalization and its social impact, Daniel Y.-J. Yang, Chi-Yue Chiu, Xia Chen, Shirley Y. Y. Cheng, Letty Y.-Y. Kwan, Kim-Pong Tam, and Kuang-Hui Yeh

Submissions from 2010

Opportunism as the inhibiting trigger for developing long-term-oriented Western exporter–Hong Kong importer relationships, Bradley R. Barnes, Leonidas C. Leonidou, Noel Y.M. Siu, and Constantinos N. Leonidou


The role of socializing agents in communicating healthy eating to adolescents: A cross-cultural study, Kara Chan, Gerard Prendergast, Alice Grønhøj, and Tino Bech-Larsenc

Managing distributors' changing motivations over the course of a joint sales program, Flora F. Gu, Namwoon Kim, David K. Tse, and Danny T. Wang

Examining the paradoxical effects of counterfactual generation in negative consumption, Ka Yan Ho and Yuk Yee Jessica Kwong

Les effets de la révélation du pseudo-parrainage sur les attitudes envers la marque du pseudo-parrain, Marc Mazodier and Pascale Quester

Antecedents to advertising avoidance in China, Gerard Paul Joseph Prendergast, Wah Leung Cheung, and Douglas West

Online word of mouth and consumer purchase intentions, Gerard Paul Joseph Prendergast, David Ko, and Siu Yin V. Yuen

Match game: Linking sponsorship congruence with communication outcomes, Gerard P. Prendergast, Derek Poon, and Douglas C. West


The interactive influence of country of origin of brand and product involvement on purchase intention, Gerard Prendergast, Alex S. L. Tsang, and Cherry N. W. Chan

Electronic service quality and routes to site commitment: The case of an online film ticketing service, Noel Yee-Man Siu, Jun-Feng Zhang, and Yim-Yim Lam

Employee orientation and performance: An exploration of the mediating role of customer orientation, Junfeng Zhang


Power, conflict, and cooperation: The impact of guanxi in Chinese marketing channels, Guijun Zhuang, Youmin Xi, and Alex S. L. Tsang

Submissions from 2009

Branding in China: Global product strategy alternatives, Ilan Alon, Romie F. Littrell, and Allan K.k. Chan

Exploring cosmetics advertising in southern China An investigation of Hong Kong and Shenzhen, Bradley R. Barnes, Noel Y. M. Siu, Qionglei Yu, and Sally S. Y. Chan


A Hong Kong study of advertising credibility, Gerard Prendergast, Po-yan Liu, and Derek T. Y. Poon


Is a “star” worth a thousand words?: The interplay between product-review texts and rating valences, Alex S. L. Tsang and Gerard Prendergast


Advertising and promotions budgeting and the role of risk, Douglas West and Gerard Prendergast

Advertising and promotions budgeting sophistication and the role of risk, Douglas West and Gerard P. Prendergast

Submissions from 2008


Social comparison, imitation of celebrity models and materialism among Chinese youth, Kara Chan and Gerard Prendergast