Submissions from 2016


The resource centre for ubiquitous learning & integrated pedagogy: Mobile learning solutions for next generation learners, Christopher Keyes, Ronnie Shroff, Eric H. C. Chow, Dave Fung, Gino Yu, Hanna Wirman, and Sathya Naidu

Submissions from 2015

A study of the “music, society, and culture” course for undergraduate students in Hong Kong, Wai Chung Ho

Submissions from 2014

台湾と中国本土の学校音楽教育における大衆歌曲の活用に関する比較研究 = A comparative study of the use of popular songs in school music education in Taiwan and Mainland China, Wai Chung Ho

La castrata and the voices in my head, David Francis Urrows

Gendering '1968': Womanhood in model works of the People's Republic of China and movie musicals of Hong Kong, Hon Lun Helan Yang

Liszt in socialist China, Hon Lun Helan Yang

Submissions from 2013

Diaspora, music, and politics: Russian musical life in Shanghai during the inter-war period, Wai Chung Ho

Social challenges and cultural influences on China’s music education: Practices and issues in teaching popular music in schools, Wai Chung Ho

Submissions from 2012

Hon-Lun Yang, Wai Chung Ho

National identity in the Taiwanese system of music education, Wai Chung Ho

Submissions from 2011

The port de voix in Louis Couperin's unmeasured preludes: A study of types, functions and interpretation, Yu Sum David Chung

Text vs. act: The Bearbeitungsfrage and the ‘Romantic Baroque’, David Francis Urrows

Submissions from 2010

China: Socio-political constructions of school music, Wai Chung Ho


Development of multi-media teaching and learning materials for psychology and sociology of music, Wai Chung Ho

Submissions from 2009

Phantasmic metareference: The pastiche ‘operas’ in Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera, David Francis Urrows

The manifestation of cultural processes in the Chinese symphonic tradition, Hon Lun Helan Yang

Submissions from 2008


Transcription of scores for selected repertoire of Chinese operatic songs, Ching Wah Lam


History of Western music: An interactive and multi-media website to enhance learning, Helan H. L. Yang

Submissions from 2007

International commentaries: China, Wai Chung Ho

The impact of localization and globalization on popular music in the context of social change in Taiwan, Wai Chung Ho

Submissions from 2002

Democracy, citizenship and extra-musical learning in two Chinese communities: Hong Kong and Taiwan, Wai Chung Ho