Submissions from 2015

Fugitive notes on a fugitive priest: Theodor Rühl, SVD, in Peiping, David Francis Urrows

Stylistic development and hybrid genres in Chinese choral music, John David Winzenburg

Submissions from 2014

Popular music education in school for a changing society in mainland China, Wai Chung Ho

Preferences for popular music in and outside school among Chinese youth: A study of Changsha, China, Wai Chung Ho

Secondary school students' preferences for and perceptions of music styles learned in school music education, Wai Chung Ho

Singing competency assessment of Chinese adults, Ho Shun Esther Mang

China’s new choral soundscape: Negotiation and translation of musical-textual imagery, John David Winzenburg

Movie soundscape as cultural signifier: The construction of cosmopolitanism in Hong Kong movie musicals from the 1960s, Hon Lun Helan Yang

Submissions from 2013

Interpretation of BWV 903: A case study in creativity and composer–performer collaboration, Yu Sum David Chung

Alternate software and pedagogical strategies for teaching audio technology to classically trained music students, Christopher Jay Keyes

Musicality profile of Hong Kong children, Ho Shun Esther Mang

Musical-dramatic experimentation in the Yangbanxi: A case for precedence in the Great Waall, John David Winzenburg

Musical-dramatic experimentation in the Yangbanxi: A case for precedence in the Great Wall, John David Winzenburg

Memory and historiography: A case study of the Yangbanxi, Hon Lun Helan Yang

Submissions from 2012

Some telling images of French Baroque Harpsichord music, Yu Sum David Chung

Towards an interpretation of JS Bach’s chromatic fantasia, Yu Sum David Chung

The dynamic redistribution of spectral energies for upmixing and re-animation of recorded audio, Christopher Jay Keyes

The ‘Wind Qin’: Hearing/reading Chinese reactions to the pipe organ in the late Ming and Qing eras, David Francis Urrows

From colonial modernity to global identity, Hon Lun Helan Yang

Heard melodies’ and womanhood: Cover songs in Cantonese movies of the 1960s, Hon Lun Helan Yang

Patrolling the Chinese internet: Song censorship in 2011, Hon Lun Helan Yang

Submissions from 2011

Creativity in French keyboard music, 1650s–1770s, Yu Sum David Chung

The politics of historical memory and Chinese nationalism: A study of Music Education in Mainland China, Wai Chung Ho and W. W. Law

A comparative study of music aptitude test for elementary school students in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, Ho Shun Esther Mang, Y. Ogawa, and M. L. Lai

Chinese vocal styles as cultural signifiers in hybrid musical genres, John David Winzenburg

Hearing the cover: Local/global power negotiation in Cantopop from the 1950s to the present, Hon Lun Helan Yang

Submissions from 2010

Creativity, comedy, and composition, Christopher Braunlin Coleman

Popular culture and music education in China, Wai Chung Ho and W. W. Law

Almost Chinese: Recalling Aaron Avshalomov’s 'new direction' for China's musical tradition, John David Winzenburg

The voice of a dissident: Wang Xilin’s reacherous musical journey, Hon Lun Helan Yang

对香港音乐话语的一点反思, Hon Lun Helan Yang

Utopian spectacles: Hong Kong pop concerts as personal and communal fantasies, Hon Lun Helan Yang and Michael Saffle

Submissions from 2009

Cold war ideology and constructions of history: Music historiography during the cold war and today, Lee Bidgood, Elaine Kelly, Heather Weibe, Hon Lun Helan Yang, and Marcus Zagorski

The port de voix in Louis Couperin’s unmeasured preludes: A study of types, functions and interpretation, Yu Sum David Chung

The interplay of globalization and localization of school music education in Hong Kong and Taiwan: A sociological critique, Wai Chung Ho

Dynamics of social change in school music education: In search of social harmony and historical memory in Mainland China, Wai Chung Ho and W. W. Law

Improvisational aspects of image and gesture sonification, Christopher Jay Keyes

Text vs act: The Bearbeitungsfrage and the 'Romantic Baroque', David Francis Urrows