Submissions from 2014

External Chinese martial arts and health, Michael Huen Sum Lam, Eunice Yuen Lum Kok, Hung Tak Lobo Louie, and Kyle Ka Yiu Lee

健身運動有何優點?哪些是常見的謬誤? = Exercise and myths, Hung Tak Lobo Louie

Submissions from 2013

Examining sport management as a global academic discipline, Floyd Jones, Rosa de D'Amico Lopez, Joseph Mwisukha, Siu Yin Cheung, Monika Piątkowska, Peter Wanderi, Jennifer Yuen-Ming Mak, and Mombi Thairu

Submissions from 2011

Can active video games improve physical fitness in children and adolescents?, Erica Y. Lau, Wing Chung Lau, and Del Pui Lam Wong

The Beijing Olympics and expressions of nationa identity in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, Wing Chung Lau, Michael H. S. Lam, and Beeto W. C. Leung

天氣與場地情況, Hung Tak Lobo Louie

藥物對身體的生理影響, Hung Tak Lobo Louie

Submissions from 2010


Transmitter assisted learning: New application in teaching and coaching sports skill, Bik Chu Chow, David K. C. Mak, Siu Yin Chung, and Lobo H T Louie

Submissions from 2009

The role of physical activity in the treatment and prevention of anxiety and depression in children: An overview, Wing Chung Lau and Erica Y. Y. Lau

Advanced considerations in strength training: Stretching, concurrent training, and monitoring of training load, Wing Chung Lau, Del Pui-Lam Wong, Anis Chaouachi, Aaron Coutts, Karim Chamari, and Tze Chung Luk

Submissions from 2005

"Factorial structure and comparison between obese and non-obese chinese children’s physical self-concept", K. T. Hau, R. Y. T. Sung, C. W. Yu, Herbert W. Marsh, and Wing Chung Lau

肥胖兒童心理健康, Wing Chung Lau

Sport identity, physical self-perception, and physical activity and sport participation of girls and women, Wing Chung Lau and Lynda Ransdell

Submissions from 2003

Influences of exercise to obese children, Wing Chung Lau

Submissions from 2001

Cross-validation of bioelectrical impedance analysis for estimation of body fat in Chinese children age 8 to 12, Sai Chuen Hui, Heung Sang Stephen Wong, Wing Chung Lau, and Wing Kin Gary Wong