Submissions from 2018

Fluctuation – A common but neglected pattern of physical activity behaviour: An exploratory review of studies in recent 20 years, Borui Shang, Yanping Duan, Wendy Yajun Huang, and Walter Brehm

Submissions from 2017


Cross-cultural validity and measurement invariance of the Organizational Stressor Indicator for Sport Performers (OSI-SP) across three countries, R. Arnold, V. Ponnusamy, C-Q. Zhang, and D. F. Gucciardi


Injuries caused by pets in Asian urban households: A cross-sectional telephone survey, Emily Y. Y. Chan, Yang Gao, Liping Li, and Po Yi Lee


The process by which perceived autonomy support predicts motivation, intention, and behavior for seasonal influenza prevention in Hong Kong older adults, Pak Kwong Chung, Chunqing Zhang, Jingdong Liu, Derwin King-Chung Chan, Gangyan Si, and Martin S. Hagger


Web-based intervention for physical activity and fruit and vegetable intake among Chinese university students: A randomized controlled trial, Yan Ping Duan, Julian Wienert, Chun Hu, Gang Yan Si, and Sonia Lippke


From virtual reality to reality: Examining the relationship between sport video gaming and sport consumption behaviors, Sung I. L. Hong and Marshall Magnusen


Is a change to active travel to school an important source of physical activity for Chinese children?, Wendy Y. Huang, Stephen H. Wong, and Gang He


An intervention to reduce bicycle injuries among middle school students in rural China, Yanhu Ji, Yanru Ye, Yaogui Lu, Liping Li, and Yang Gao


Parental influences on weight-related health behaviors in western and eastern cultures, B. S. Niemeier, Y. P. Duan, B. R. Shang, and J. Yang

Physical activity and sedentary time among children with disabilities at school, Cindy H. P. Sit, Thomas L. McKenzie, Ester Cerin, Bik Chu Chow, Wendy Y. Huang, and Jie Yu


Assessing acceptance in mindfulness with direct-worded items: The development and initial validation of the athlete mindfulness questionnaire, Chun-Qing Zhang, Pak-Kwong Chung, and Gangyan Si


A three-stage adversity coping model for Chinese athletes, Chun-Qing Zhang, Gangyan Si, Pak-Kwong Chung, and Danran Bu

Competitive balance trends in elite table tennis: The Olympic Games and World Championships 1988-2016, Jinming Zheng, Taeyeon Oh, Seungmo Kim, Geoff Dickson, and Veerle De Bosscher

Responding to globalisation: The case of elite artistic gymnastics in China, Jinming Zheng, Tien-Chin Tan, and Bairner Alan

Submissions from 2016


A comparative study of dog- and cat-induced injury on incidence and risk factors among children, Ying Chen, Yang Gao, Li Zhou, Yafei Tan, and Liping Li

Effects of an 8-Week Structured Physical Activity Program on Psychosocial Behaviors of Children With Intellectual Disabilities, Peggy Hiu Nam Choi and Siu Yin Cheung


Public parks in Hong Kong: Characteristics of physical activity areas and their users, Bik C. Chow, Thomas L. McKenzie, and Cindy H. P. Sit


Public parks in Hong Kong: Characteristics of physical activity areas and their users, Bik C. Chow, Thomas L. McKenzie, and Cindy H. P. Sit


Testing the validity of a stage assessment on health enhancing physical activity in a chinese university student sample, Yanping Duan, Sonia Lippke, Ru Zhang, Walter Brehm, and Pak Kwong Chung


Task-Specific Balance Training Improves the Sensory Organisation of Balance Control in Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder: A Randomised Controlled Trial, Shirley S.M. Fong, Guo, Karen P.Y. Liu, and Ki


Task-specific balance training improves the sensory organisation of balance control in children with developmental coordination disorder: A randomised controlled trial, Shirley S.M. Fong, Guo, Karen P.Y. Liu, W.Y. Ki, Lobo H.T. Louie, Raymond C.K. Chung, and Duncan J. Macfarlane


Cross-cultural invariance of the mental toughness inventory among Australian, Chinese, and Malaysian athletes: A Bayesian estimation approach, Daniel F. Gucciardi, Chun-Qing Zhang, Vellapandian Ponnusamy, Gangyan Si, and Andreas Stenling


Results from Hong Kong’s 2016 report card on physical activity for children and youth, Wendy Yajun Huang, Stephen Heung-Sang Wong, Martin Chi-Sang Wong, Cindy Hui-Ping Sit, Raymond Kim-Wai Sum, and Gang He


Time use clusters in children and their associations with sociodemographic factors, Yajun Wendy Huang and Stephen H. Wong


Isotemporal substitution analysis for sedentary behavior and body mass index, Yajun Wendy Huang, Stephen Heung Sang Wong, Gang He, and Jo Salmon


Parental support of children’s physical activity in Hong Kong, Ka Man Leung, Pak-Kwong Chung, and Seungmo Kim


Evaluation of the psychometric properties of the parents’ proxy MPAQ-C in Chinese population, Ka Man Leung, Pak Kwong Chung, Lynda B. Ransdell, and Yong Gao

運動與生活質素, Jingdong Liu and Chun Hu


Relationships among psychosocial correlates and stages of change in a German-Chinese sample, Helmut Strobl, Yanping Duan, Susanne Tittlbach, and Walter Brehm


Construction and validation of a perceived physical literacy instrument for physical education teachers, Raymond Kim Wai Sum, Amy Sau Ching Ha, Chih Fu Cheng, Pak Kwong Chung, Kenny Tat Choi Yiu, Che Chun Kuo, Chung Kai Yu, and Fong Jia Wang

Fundamental movement skills proficiency in children with developmental coordination disorder: Does physical self-concept matter?, Jie Yu, Cindy H.P. Sit, Catherine M. Capio, Angus Burnett, Amy S. C. Ha, and Wendy Y.J. Huang


Measuring decentering as a unidimensional construct: The development and initial validation of the Decentering Scale for Sport, Chun-Qing Zhang, Pak-Kwong Chung, Gangyan Si, and Daniel F. Gucciardi


Measuring decentering as a unidimensional construct: The development and initial validation of the Decentering Scale for Sport, Chunqing Zhang, Pak Kwong Chung, Gangyan Si, and Daniel F. Gucciardi


Mindfulness and burnout in elite junior athletes: The mediating role of experiential avoidance, Chun-Qing Zhang, Gangyan Si, Pak-Kwong Chung, and Daniel F. Gucciardi


Mindfulness and Burnout in Elite Junior Athletes: The Mediating Role of Experiential Avoidance, Chun-Qing Zhang, Gangyan Si, Pak-Kwong Chung, and Daniel F. Gucciardi


The effects of mindfulness training on beginners' skill acquisition in dart throwing: A randomized controlled trial, Chunqing Zhang, Gangyan Si, Yanping Duan, Yaojun Lyu, and David A. Keatley


Differences in functional fitness among older adults with and without risk of falling, Yanan Zhao and Pak-Kwong Chung

Submissions from 2015

Children’s Physical activity and associated variables during preschool physical education, Bik Chu Chow, Thomas L. McKenzie, and Hung Tak Lobo Louie

运动员的正念和主观幸福感:检验认知重新评估的中介效应 = Mindfulness and subjective well-being in athletes: Examining the role of cognitive reappraisal as a mediator, Pak Kwong Chung, Chunqing Zhang, and Jingdong Liu


Transition to adulthood: Relationships among psychosocial correlates, stages of change for physical activity, and health outcomes in a cross-cultural sample, Yanping Duan, Walter Brehm, Petra Wagner, Pak Kwong Chung, Sebastian Graf, Ru Zhang, and Gangyan Si

香港儿童体力活动与住所周围建成环境: 应用GIS的初步研究, Gang He, Yajun Wendy Huang, Heung-sang Wong, and Yiu-pong Fung

Physical activity improves mental health through resilience in Hong Kong Chinese adolescents, Frederick Ka Wing Ho, Lobo Hung Tak Louie, Chun Bong Chow, Wilfred Hing Sang Wong, and Patrick Ip

The adoption and diffusion of pro-environmental stadium design, Timothy B. Kellison and Sungil Hong

The effects of text message content on the use of an internet-based physical activity intervention in Hong Kong Chinese adolescents, Erica Y. Lau, Patrick W. C. Lau, Bo Cai, and Edward Archer


Development and initial validation of the Chinese version of psychological needs thwarting scale in physical education, Jingdong Liu and Pak Kwong Chung


Chinese-translated behavioral regulation in exercise questionnaire-2: Evidence from university students in the Mainland and Hong Kong of China, Jingdong Liu, Pak Kwong Chung, Chunqing Zhang, and Gangyan Si


The influence of the Chinese sport system and Chinese cultural characteristics on Olympic sport psychology services, Gangyan Si, Yanping Duan, Hin-Yue Li, Chun-Qing Zhang, and Ning Su


Smoking behaviors and intentions among adolescents in rural China: The application of the Theory of Planned Behavior and the role of social influence, Xuefen Su, Liping Li, Sian M. Griffiths, Yang Gao, Joseph T.F. Lau, and Phoenix K.H. Mo

Comparison of three models of ownership of community health centres in China: A qualitative study, Xiaolin Wei, Nan Yang, Yang Gao, Samuel Y. S. Wong, Martin C. S. Wong, Jiaji Wang, Harry H. X. Wang, Donald K. T. Li, Jinling Tang, and Sian M. Griffiths


Longitudinal changes in objectively measured physical activity differ for weekdays and weekends among Chinese children in Hong Kong, Stephen Heung-Sang Wong, Yajun Wendy Huang, and Gang He

Effect of high-intensity interval training protocol on abdominal fat reduction in overweight Chinese women: A randomized controlled trial, Haifeng Zhang, Kwok Keung Tong, Weifeng Qiu, Jingjing Wang, Jinlei Nie, and Yuxiu He

控制执教行为量表在中国运动员人群中的初步检验 = Examining the psychometric properties of the Chinese version controlling coach behavior scale among Chinese athletes, Daliang Zhao, Xiaobo Jiang, and Jingdong Liu

Submissions from 2014

A concern about Hong Kong adolescents’ health and sport participation induced by the World Cup, Pak Kwong Chung and Ka Man Leung

原因知觉量表在香港中学生人群中的检验 = Verifying the psychometric properties of the Chinese version《Perceive Locus of Causality Scale》for Chinese secondary school students in Hong Kong, Pak Kwong Chung, Jingdong Liu, and Chunqing Zhang

Training effects of water Tai Chi on health indicators among Chinese older females in Hong Kong, Pak Kwong Chung, Rosetta Mui, Ya Nan Zhao, and Jingdong Liu


Psychometric validation of the Toronto mindfulness scale: Trait version in Chinese college students, Pak-Kwong Chung and Chun-Qing Zhang

身体活动阶段理论的阶段有效性评估:以“从无活动到保持活动的四步骤(FIT)模型”为例 = Assessing stage validity of stage model for physical activity behavior: A study on FIT model, Yanping Duan, Ru Zhang, Xiaona Wei, and Walter Brehm

An objective measure to evaluate actual body shape among children and adolescents in China, Lian Guo Fu, Hai Jun Wang, Xiao Hui Li, Zhi Qiang Wang, Wing Chung Lau, Yi De Yang, Xiang Kun Meng, and Jun Ma

Chronic effects of ambient air pollution on respiratory morbidities among Chinese children: A cross-sectional study in Hong Kong, Yang Gao, Emily Y. Y. Chan, Liping Li, Wing Chung Lau, and Tze Wai Wong


A pilot study on physical activity related injury (PARI) in primary school children in Hong Kong = 香港小学生体能活动伤害发生的初探, Yang Gao, Yuk Ming Lo, Yanping Duan, and Kai Lok Lee

Understanding neighborhood environment related to Hong Kong children’s physical activity: A qualitative study using nominal group technique, Gang He, Ester Cerin, Wendy Y. Huang, and Stephen H. Wong

The impact of perceived event prestige on volunteer satisfaction and commitment at a major international sporting event, Seungmo Kim, Damon Andrew, Changha Lee, and Jintaek Lee

Effects of high-intensity intermittent running exercise in overweight children, Wing Chung Lau, Del P. Wong, Jake Y. Ngo, C. Liang, G. Kim, and H. S. Kim

Coverage of the gay games from 1980-2012 in U.S. newspapers: An analysis of newspaper article framing, Soonhwan Lee, Seungmo Kim, and Adam Love

Effects of active videogames on physical activity and related outcomes among healthy children: A systematic review, Yan Liang and Wing Chung Lau

Validity and reliability of questionnaires measuring physical activity self-efficacy, enjoyment, social support among Hong Kong Chinese children, Yan Liang, Wing Chung Lau, Yajun Wendy Huang, Ralph Maddison, and Tom Baranowski

Development and initial validation of the psychological needs satisfaction scale in physical education, Jing Dong Liu and Pak Kwong Chung

Constraints of recreational sport participation: Measurement invariance and latent mean differences across sex and physical activity status, Jing Dong Liu, Pak Kwong Chung, and Wing Ping Chen

A survey on the swimming abilities among secondary school students in Hong Kong, Hung Tak Lobo Louie, Ka Chun Wong, and Bik Chu Chow

Physical activity level among mainland Chinese students in Hong Kong and its relationship between acculturation stress, social support and self-efficacy, Xinlu Shen and Kuan Chou Chen

BMI-for-age Z-score distribution shifts among Chinese children: Gender disparity, Yi Song, Hai-Jun Wang, Jun Ma, Wing Chung Lau, Peijin Hu, Bing Zhang, and Zhiqiang Wang

Service quality, perceived value, customer satisfaction, and behavioral intention among fitness center members aged 60 years and over, Hyun Soon Yu, James J. Zhang, Dae Hyun Kim, Kuan Chou Chen, Chris Henderson, Sophia D. Min, and Haiyan Huang

情绪调节问卷在中国运动员和学生群体中的信效度检验 = Tests of reliability and validity of the emotion regulation questionnaire(ERQ) in Chinese athletes and students, Chunqing Zhang, Pak Kwong Chung, Gangyan Si, Mengmeng Du, and Jingdong Liu

Psychometric properties of the acceptance and action questionnaire–II for Chinese college students and elite Chinese athletes, Chun-Qing Zhang, Pak-Kwong Chung, Gangyan Si, and Jing Dong Liu

Submissions from 2013

Inspiratory muscle warm-up attenuates muscle deoxygenation during cycling exercise in women athletes, Ching-Feng Cheng, Kwok Keung Tong, Yu-Chi Kuo, Pin-Hui Chen, Hsin-Wei Huang, and Chia-Lun Lee

Difference in children's gross motor skills between two types of preschools, Bik Chu Chow and Hung Tak Lobo Louie

The effect of resilience training for Hong Kong junior athletes, Pak Kwong Chung, Kam Chee Cheng, Hin Yue Li, Xiaobo Jiang, Ning Su, Chunqing Zhang, and Gangyan Si


Exercise regulation during cycle ergometry using Cantonese version of the CERT and Borg’s RPE, Pak Kwong Chung, Raymond W. Leung, Jing Dong Liu, Binh Quach, and Yanan Zhao

Motivational regulations as predictors of exercise behavioral and affective consequences of Chinese university students, Pak Kwong Chung and Jing Dong Liu

Perceived constraints on recreational sport participation: Evidence from Chinese university students in Hong Kong, Pak Kwong Chung, Jing Dong Liu, and Wing Ping Chen

正念意识注意量表(MAAS)在运动员群体中的检验 = The reliability and validity of the Chinese version of mindful attention awareness scale, Pak Kwong Chung, Gangyan Si, Jing Dong Liu, and Chunqing Zhang

Steps to and correlates of health-enhancing physical activity in adulthood: An intercultural study between German and Chinese individuals, Yanping Duan, Walter Brehm, Helmut Strobl, Susanne Tittlbach, Zhijian Huang, and Gangyan Si

成年人身体活动变化阶段与健康变量的关系: 对FIT模型理论的检验 = The relationship between physical activity change of stages and health variables in chinese adults: Verification of the FIT model, Yanping Duan, Xiaona Wei, Ru Zhang, and Walter Brehm

大学生身体活动变化阶段与能量消耗关系研究 = The relation of change in physical activity stages to the energy consumption in college students, Yanping Duan, Jian Yang, Changwen Sun, and Walter Brehm

Is the wheelchair fencing classification fair enough? a kinematic analysis among world-class wheelchair fencers, Ying-ki Fung, Derwin King-Chung Chan, Kim M. Caudwell, and Bik Chu Chow

An examination of determinant factors influecning local governments' sport industry policy adoption and diffusion: A case of major league baseball host cities = 지방정부의 스포츠산업정책 채택 및 확산에 미치는 영향 요인 - 미국의 메이저리그 사례, Sung Il Hong, Seok-Ki Ahn, and Tae-Wook Chung

An examination of the effects of the recent economic crisis on Major League Baseball attendance demand, Sung Il Hong, Michael Mondello, and Dennis Coates

Organizational justice in intercollegiate athletics: Perceptions of coaches, Seungmo Kim and Damon P. S. Andrew

Sustainable volunteerism at a major international sporting event: The impact of perceived event prestige, Seungmo Kim, Sung Il Hong, and Damon P. S. Andrew

Influence of perceived to actual body ratings on peer relationships and physical self-concept in Chinese children, Wing Chung Lau, P. Wong, and L. Ransdell

Review and preview of local youth sports development: A holistic perspective of Hong Kong’s youth sports policy, Hiu-ming Liu and Wing Chung Lau


自我决定理论在中国人人群的应用 = The application of self-determination theory among Chinese populations, Jingdong Liu, Pak-Kwong Chung, and Gangyan Si

Injury incidence and injury patterns in high school volleyball student athletes: A retrospective study, Hung Tak Lobo Louie

Serum oxidant and antioxidant status following an all-out 21-km run in adolescent runners undergoing professional training—a one-year prospective trial, Kwok Keung Tong, Zhaowei Kong, Hua Lin, Giuseppe Lippi, Haifeng Zhang, and Jinlei Nie

Organization system of sports agent in Hong Kong - a review of the sports agents system, Q. Xia, Wing Chung Lau, and Amanda Pitkethly

Submissions from 2012

Association of school teachers' occupational and daily physical activity level in Hong Kong, PY Peggy Cheung and Bik Chu Chow

Motivation and goal orientations of master games participants in Hong Kong, Siu Yin Cheung, Wai King Chan, and Joseph Levy

Examination of the psychometric properties of the Chinese translated behavioral regulation in exercise questionnaire-2, Pak Kwong Chung and Jing Dong Liu

成年人身体活动变化的理论建构、问卷发展及系列实证研究——一项中德合作科研课题 = A theory construction, questionnaire development and serial tests of adults' physical activity process of change: An academic joint project between China and Germany, Yanping Duan, Brehm Walter, Strobl Helmut, Zhijian Huang, Gangyan Si, and Susanne Tittlbach

大学生身体活动阶段变化与健康状况关系的研究 = A study on the relationship between the change of physical activity stages and health status of college students, Yanping Duan, Jian Yang, Ru Zhang, and Brehm Walter