Submissions from 2015

Organic and excitonic solar cells, Furong Zhu

Submissions from 2013

Bridging the gap between theory and experiment to derive a detailed understanding of hammerhead ribozyme catalysis, Tai-Sung Lee, Kin-Yiu Wong, George M. Giambasu, and Darrin M. York

Submissions from 2011

Template-directed engineering of nanotube arrays: Morphology and materials, Zhifeng Huang, Kenneth D. Harris, and Michael J. Brett

Submissions from 2010


Mission-oriented experiments for year-one physics students, Nai Ho Cheung, Edward W K Chan, Benson S C Leung, Siu Lung Lui, Wang Yip Ng, and Ka Ming Lo

Current-induced local heating in molecular junctions, Zhifeng Huang and N. J. Tao

Stochastic synchronization, Ram Ramaswamy, R. K. Brojen Singh, Changsong Zhou, and Jürgen Kurths

Submissions from 2008


Application of problem-based learning for "Physical Education and Recreation Management" courses, Bik Chu Chow, Eva H.L. Tsai, and Lobo H.T. Louie