Submissions from 2019


Are International Human Rights Universal? – East-West Philosophical Debates on Human Rights to Liberty and Health, Benedict S. B. Chan

Submissions from 2018


Dislodging Mundane Wisdom: The Inner Chapters of the Zhuangzi and the New Testament Gospels, Lauren F. Pfister

When the ground of being encounters emptiness: Tillich and Buddhism, Ellen Ying Zhang

Submissions from 2017


Pneumatological sacramentality and cosmic humanity, Keith Ka-fu Chan


Paul Tillich and Asian religions, Keith Ka-fu Chan and William Yau-nang Ng


Is There a Logic of the Ineffable? Or, How Is it Possible to Talk About the Unsayable?, Stephen Richard Palmquist

花之安笔下的传统儒家教义及孝道礼仪, Lauren Pfister


Paul Tillich and Zhāng Zài: Fellow pilgrims seeking new peace in trembling worlds, Lauren F. Pfister

Ruist traditions of revenge and alternative resources for Ruist-inspired reconciliation, Lauren F. Pfister

Whole person education and a Christian philosophy of teaching: Theological, hermeneutic and cultural orientations informing Christian principles of teaching, Lauren F. Pfister


An indigenous CIM medical missionary and national hero: Unveiling complexities in the story of Dr. Kao Gin-Cheng, Lauren Pfister and Jihua Liu

Daoism and war, Ellen Ying Zhang

Submissions from 2016


雨傘運動和基督徒: 對推動民主運動的提示, Shun-hing Chan

Can There Be a Davidsonian Theory of Empty Names?, Siu-Fan Lee

Engaging a pushing-hands approach to [research on] translation histories, Lauren Pfister

汉学喜马拉雅山脉的三座新峰: 雅金甫、顾赛芬、戈振东的生平及作品 = Discovering three new peaks in the sinological Himalayas: Presenting the lives and works of Iakinf (Nikita Y. Bichurin, 1777-1852), Séraphin Couvreur(1835-1919), and Joaquim Angélico de Jesus Guerra (1906-1993), Lauren F. Pfister

天主教及其公共參與—港澳臺滬天主教區的個案研究, 郝志東, 陳慎慶, 郭文般, 譚翼輝, and 淨明

Submissions from 2015

Chinese traditions in military ethics, Ping Cheung Lo

Legalism and offensive realism in the Chinese court debate on defending national security 81 BCE, Ping Cheung Lo

The art of war corpus and Chinese just war ethics past and present, Ping Cheung Lo

Three Synoptic views of China's "People's Liberation Army" on military ethics and justified war, Ping Cheung Lo


Varieties of statecraft and warfare ethics in early China: An overview, Ping Cheung Lo

Warfare ethics in Sunzi's art of war? Historical controversies and contemporary perspectives, Ping Chung Lo


Kant’s Lectures on Philosophical Theology – Training-Ground for the Moral Pedagogy of Religion?, Stephen Richard Palmquist

James Legge: Linking Chinese evangelical spirituality with cross-cultural engagement, Lauren Pfister

Reverence for life and living with reverence in the 21st century: Meditations by a ruified Christian, Lauren Frederick Pfister

Classical Confucianism, punitive expeditions, and humanitarian intervention, Sumner B. Twiss and Keung Lap Jonathan Chan

The classical Confucian position on the legitimate use of military force, Sumner B. Twiss and Keung Lap Jonathan Chan

Wang Yang-ming's ethics of war, Sumner B. Twiss and Keung Lap Jonathan Chan


Zheng (征) as zheng (正)? A Daoist challenge to punitive expeditions, Ellen Ying Zhang

Submissions from 2014

Common good and the ethics of global poverty: A Confucian perspective, Keung Lap Jonathan Chan

Health care and human vulnerability: A Confucian perspective, Keung Lap Jonathan Chan

Religion and homosexuality in contemporary China: Debates, identity, and voices, Shun Hing Seguire Chan

智慧設計此路不通? 回應褟智偉的批評, Kai Man Kwan

智慧設計的方法論合理嗎? 檢視對智慧設計的批評, Kai Man Kwan

由宇宙的微調到智慧設計, Kai Man Kwan

智慧設計與不可簡化的複雜性: 貝希與米勒的交鋒, Kai Man Kwan and Yin On Poon


Who wants to be a Russellian about names?, Siu Fan Lee

Between the family and the state: The common good and the Confucian habits of the heart, Ping Cheung Lo

Family as first bulwark for the vulnerable: Confucian perspectives on the anthropology and ethics of human vulnerability, Ping Cheung Lo


Transcendental Idealism as the Backdrop for Kant’s Theory of Religion, Stephen R. Palmquist

Reconsidering 19th and 20th century foreign Christian missionary-scholars’ international consciousness and local conscience from a transformative vision of cultures and civilizations, Lauren Pfister

A modern Ruist religious vision of a global unity: Kang Youwei’s utopian vision and its humanistic religious refraction in European sinology, Lauren Frederick Pfister


Classical debates about the moral character of human nature in ancient China, Lauren Frederick Pfister

The common good in Moism: A reconstruction of Mozi’s ethics of “inclusive care” and “reciprocal well-being”, Ellen Ying Zhang

Vulnerability, compassion, and ethical responsibility: A Buddhist perspective on the phenomenology of illness and health, Ellen Ying Zhang

烦恼与菩提之间: 论高行健的(后)现代/ 禅式/ 荒诞剧, Ellen Ying Zhang

Submissions from 2013

Governance and public policy under the Donald Tsang administratio: Critical voices from the Christian community in Hong Kong, Shun Hing Seguire Chan

Public prayer, political mobilization, and civic participation: The case of protestantism in Hong Kong, Shun Hing Seguire Chan and Wing-leung Law

思考「佔中」, Wai Luen Kwok

教會領袖如何在撕裂的社會裡踐行復和: 杜圖主教的啟迪, Wai Luen Kwok

更高的命令: 公民抗命的信仰反思, Wai Luen Kwok

終極價值之求索: 齊克果的人生三階段與馮友蘭的人生四境界, Chung Kee Lee

How virtues provide action guidance: Confucian military virtues at work, Ping Cheung Lo

宗教經驗與關係性的人文意涵, Yau Nang William Wood Ng


Kant’s Moral Panentheism, Stephen R. Palmquist

以礼克果式的传译超越对舜考行的道德主义纷争, Lauren Pfister

传教士汉学家的中国经典出版的比较: 理雅各、顾赛芬、卫礼贤, Lauren Pfister

Notes from local and China inland mission sources about Christians and Christian communities in Northwestern China (1920-1936), Lauren Frederick Pfister and Yanrong Chen

論後人文主義時代對人文主義的反思: 從列維納斯的"他者的人文主義"到道家的"自然人文觀", Ellen Ying Zhang

Submissions from 2012

Civil society and the role of the Catholic church in contemporary China, Shun Hing Seguire Chan

真誠與交融: 從國外的經驗及中國多元處境探討中國伊斯蘭教與基督教致力宗教及社會融和的要點, Wai Luen Kwok

The pragmatics of non-compliance by tertiary Cantonese learners of English in writing tutorials, Chung Kee Lee

Confucian rites of passage: A comparative analysis of Zhu Xi’s family rituals, Ping Cheung Lo

The spirit has reasons that rationalists cannot fathom: The emergence of Christian Dao-ology in late twentieth century China, Lauren Pfister

Ethics of loving others as found in Ruist ("Confucian") and Christian traditions, Lauren Frederick Pfister

The unity of corporeality and spirituality: Love in Daoism, Ellen Ying Zhang

多元视角下的当代西方佛学, Ellen Ying Zhang

道教女性与女性道教, Ellen Ying Zhang

Submissions from 2011

Rethinking the role of the Catholic church in building civil society in contemporary China: The case of Wenzhou Diocese, Shun Hing Seguire Chan

Jiang Qing’s arguments on the inevitable and permanent conflict between the Christian faith and Chinese culture and on establishing Confucianism as the state religion, Ping Cheung Lo

当代台湾人间佛教全球化论述的一个侧面, Yau Nang William Wood Ng

理雅各《中国经典》第一卷引言, Lauren Pfister

Christian daily renewal in Chinese times of distress: Reconsidering the nature and value of Chen Chonggui's (1883-1963) spiritual devotions for daily, Lauren Frederick Pfister


Classics or sacred books? Grammatological and interpretive problems of Ruist and Daoist scriptures in the translation corpora of James Legge (1815-1897) and Richard Wilhelm (1873-1930), Lauren Frederick Pfister

Creatire plurality: Building on the counter-cultural: Insights of Weng Yuenhu, Lauren Frederick Pfister

In the eye of a tornado: Lessons to be learned from critiques of Christian missionaries, Lauren Frederick Pfister

彼得.赫斯勒(Peter Hessler)和萊斯利.蔣(Leslie T. Chang)筆下的中國遊記及引發的後世俗思考, Lauren Frederick Pfister

现代基督教传教士学者与欧洲汉学及北美中国研究的多元化发展, Lauren Frederick Pfister

多元视角下的当代西方佛学, Ellen Ying Zhang

大众文化与电视神学, Ellen Ying Zhang

Submissions from 2010

Conceptual differences between Hong Kong and Chinese theologians: A study of the “cultural christians” controversy, Shun Hing Seguire Chan

Ren as a fundamental motif and the promise and problem of a contextual theology of an Agape-Ren synthesis: A dialogue with Anders Nygren, Ping Cheung Lo

「不一不二」作為儒耶對話的新起點, Ping Cheung Lo

朱子《家禮》之宗教意涵與禮儀之爭, Ping Cheung Lo

當代港臺新儒家對古典儒學命觀的詮釋, Yau Nang William Wood Ng


The Unity of Architectonic Reasoning in Kant and I Ching, Stephen Richard Palmquist

The unity of architectonic reasoning in Kant and I Ching, Stephen Richard Palmquist

Attitudes towards Chinese Cultures, 1860-1900, Lauren Frederick Pfister

Bible translations and the Protestant `Term Question', Lauren Frederick Pfister

China's missionary-scholars, Lauren Frederick Pfister

论儒耶互补的可能及机会, Lauren Frederick Pfister

What is personhood? Kant and Huayan Buddhism, Ellen Ying Zhang

Submissions from 2009

波士顿儒家: 全球儒学的第三次浪潮, John Berthrong and Ellen Ying Zhang

冯友兰的后设哲学: 从逻辑分析法到形上学, Keung Lap Jonathan Chan

Indigenization and the study of Chinese religion and society, Shun Hing Seguire Chan

The argument from religious experience, Kai Man Kwan

Secular humanist bioethics and regenerative medicine, Ping Cheung Lo

人生境界的漢語神學, Ping Cheung Lo

靈修學, 精神性與當代儒學: 比較聖十字若望, 馮友蘭與唐君毅, Ping Cheung Lo