Submissions from 2009

复归与提升: 从"创造本体"看当代儒学的"精神性", Ellen Ying Zhang

Submissions from 2004

Battle of the god(s): Justifying translation of theological terms and Legge's initial stage of sinological studies [1848-1852], Lauren Pfister

Submissions from 2003

A modern Chinese philosophy built upon critically received traditions: Feng Youlan's new principle-centered learning and the question of its relationship to contemporary new Ruist (Confucian) philosophies, Lauren Pfister

Rethinking mission in China: James Hudson Taylor and Timothy Richard, Lauren Pfister

述而不作: 近代中國第一位新教神學家何進善(1817-1871), Lauren Pfister

Submissions from 2002

Personal roles within transformative contexts: Exploring the ethical significance of supramoral experiences in easts and wests, Lauren Pfister

Feng Youlan's new principle learning and his histories of Chinese philosophy, Laurenn Pfister

Submissions from 2000

Mediating word, sentence, and scope without violence: James Legge's understanding of "Classical Confucian" hermeneutics, Lauren Pfister

王韜與理雅各對新儒家憂患意識的回應, Lauren Pfister

Submissions from 1999

A transmitter but not a creator: Ho Tsun-Sheen (1817-1871), the first modern Chinese Protestant theologian, Lauren Pfister

Discovering monotheistic metaphysics: The exegetical reflections of James Legge (1815-1897) and Lo Chung-fan (d. circa 1850), Lauren Pfister