Submissions from 2019

William James and Allama Iqbal on Empirical Faith, Mark J. Boone

Submissions from 2018


Augustine and William James on the Rationality of Faith, Mark Jeremiah Boone


Love and Emotional Fit: What Does Christian Theology Tell us About Unfitting Emotions?, Mark Jeremiah Boone

Submissions from 2017


Religious competition and creative innovation among protestant groups in Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement, Shun Hing Chan


Christian activism and political participation in Hong Kong’s occupy movement, Shun-hing Chan


Ubication: A Phenomenological Study about Making Spaces Sacred, Lauren F. Pfister

Submissions from 2016


Changing church-state relations in contemporary China: The case of Wenzhou Diocese, Shun-hing Chan


Kantian theocracy as a non-political path to the politics of peace = 引向和平政治的非政治路徑的康德神治觀, Stephen Palmquist


The paradox of inwardness in Kant and Kierkegaard: Ronald Green's legacy in the philosophy of religion, Stephen R. Palmquist

A Confucian-Kantian response to environmental eco-centrism on animal equality, Stephen Richard Palmquist


Kant’s perspectival solution to the mind-body problem: Or, why eliminative materialists must be Kantians, Stephen Richard Palmquist


The transcendental priority of touch: Friendship as a foundation for a philosophy of touch, Stephen Richard Palmquist

Submissions from 2015


Paul Tillich’s understanding of theology: A pneumatological christological perspective, Keith Ka-fu Chan


The protestant community and the umbrella movement in Hong Kong, Shun-hing Chan

Mediatisation, empowerment, and sexual inclusivity: Homosexual protestant activism in contemporary China, Ping Huang and Shun Hing Seguire Chan

「婚姻平權」的反思 = Reflection on "Marriage Equality", Kai Man Kwan

Reconsidering public theology: Involvement of Hong Kong protestant Christianity in the occupy central movement, Wai-Luen Kwok


What is Kantian Gesinnung? On the priority of volition over metaphysics and psychology in religion within the bounds of bare reason, Stephen R. Palmquist


Is it really better to give than to receive? (Not if your friends know where to shop!) = آیا واقعاً بخشش(دادن) بهتر از گرفتن است؟, Stephen Richard Palmquist


Twelve basic philosophical concepts in Kant and the compound Yijing, Stephen Richard Palmquist

Joaquim Angélico de Jesus Guerra: A brief biography and overview of his Portuguese Chinese classics, Lauren Pfister

Questioning the modern emergence of “Zōngjiào” 宗教 and “Zhéxué” 哲學 in modern Chinese language and cultures: Beyond historical geneologies to matters of legitimization within the transformation of cultures = 超出文字系谱学、从文化转化的合法性中探究“宗教”及“哲学”在近现代中国语文及文化中的出现, Lauren Pfister

The dynamic and multi-cultural disciplinary crucible in which Chinese philosophy was formed, Lauren Pfister

Submissions from 2014

德性倫理與醫療專業精神 = Virtue Ethics and Medical Professionalism, Keung Lap Jonathan Chan


Catholicism and its civic engagement: Case studies of the catholic church in Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, and Shanghai = 天主教及其公共参与: 港澳台沪天主教区的个案研究, Zhidong Hao, Shun Hing Seguire Chan, Wen-ban Kuo, Yik Fai Tam, and Ming Jing

世俗主義與人文精神能否協調?: 評價保羅.庫爾茨的世俗人文主義 = Is secularism compatible with the humanistic spirit?: An evaluation of Paul Kurtz's secular humanism, Kai Man Kwan

中国社会的性解放: 从基督教伦理的角度反思 = Sexual liberation in the Chinese society: Reflection from the perspective of Christian ethics, Kai Man Kwan

Negative liberty and the common good: Assessing William Lund’s criticisms of Amitai Etzioni, Kai-man Kwan

The Christ-human and Jia Yuming's doctrine of sanctification: A case study in the Confucianisation of Chinese fundamentalist Christianity, Wai Luen Kwok

神聖實在與後現代語言轉向: 范浩生及林貝克的比較 = Divine reality and postmodern linguistic turn: A comparison of Kevin Vanhoozer and George Lindbeck, Wai Luen Kwok

賈玉銘的成聖觀與儒家心性學, Wai Luen Kwok


兩種意義下的批判思維教學, Siu Fan Lee

佛教的神聖空間: 從伊利亞德觀點分析香港兩例 = Sacred space in Buddhism: An analysis of two cases in Hong Kong from Mircea Eliade's perspective, Yau Nang William Wood Ng

Beyond moral and religious conventionalities: Comparative metaethical and ethical reflections on Zhang Zai (1020-1077) and Paul Tillich (1886-1965), Lauren F. Pfister


Rethinking reconstructionist Confucianism’s rethinking, Lauren Frederick Pfister

Jiang, Qing, a Confucian constitutional order: How China’s ancient past can shape its political future. tran. by Edmund Ryden, edited by Daniel A. Bell and Ruiping Fan, Ellen Ying Zhang


On human rights and freedom in bioethics: A philosophical inquiry in light of Buddhism, Ellen Ying Zhang

两种意义下的批判思维教学 = Two Senses of Critical Thinking Teaching: Some Reflections and Experience, 李少芬

Submissions from 2013


Changing church-state relations in contemporary China: A case study of the Cangzhou diocese, Shun-hing Chan

從中華國內布道會的事工探討民國基督教會的區域互動 = The regional interaction of Chinese church in the republican period the case of the Chinese home missionary society, Wai Luen Kwok

Comparing Søren Kierkegaard and Feng Youlan on the search for the true self, Richard C. K. Lee

唐君毅先生對自由主義民主觀的反省--兼論其社群主義色彩, Yau Nang William Wood Ng

經驗與關係性: 宗教經驗的人文意涵 = Experience and relationality: A preliminary reflection on the humanistic significance of religious experience, Yau Nang William Wood Ng

Kantian causality and quantum quarks: The compatibility between quantum mechanics and Kant’s phenomenal world, Stephen R. Palmquist

A Daoist model for a Kantian church, Stephen Richard Palmquist

The implied standpoint of Kant's religion: An assessment of Kant's reply to (and an english translation of) an early book review of religion within the bounds of bare reason, Stephen Richard Palmquist and Steven Otterman

19-20世紀的文化轉型: 基督教傳教士的希望, 中國激進派的革命以及關於文化之能動本質的神學反思 = 19th and 20th century cultural transformations: Christian missionaries' hopes, Chinese radicals' revolutions, and Christian-inspired reflections on the dynamic nature of culture, Lauren Pfister

Evaluating James Legge's (1812-1897) assessment of master Mèng's theory of the goodness of human nature: Comparative philosophical and cultural explorations = 評價理雅各對孟子性善論之評估, Lauren Frederick Pfister


Introduction: Søren Kierkegaard and Chinese philosophy, Lauren Frederick Pfister


Mao Qiling's critical reflections on the Four Books, Lauren Frederick Pfister


Sublating reverence to parents: A Kierkegaardian interpretation of the Sage-King Shun's piety, Lauren Frederick Pfister

Submissions from 2012


Changing church and state relations in contemporary China: The case of Mindong diocese, Fujian province, Shun-hing Chan


Changing church-state relations in contemporary China: The case of the Fengxiang diocese, Shun-hing Chan

Reflections on contemporary natural law theories and their relevance = 反思當代自然法理論及其適切性, Kai Man Kwan

普世主義 vs 愛國主義: 孰好?孰壞? = Universalism versus patriotism: Which is better?, Kai Man Kwan

Word, event, and communion: Trinity in Robert Jenson and Eberhard Jüngel's thought as seen in their interpretation of Karl Barth, Wai Luen Kwok

徘徊於理解與相信之間: 從帕斯卡爾看理性的規限與信仰的原諉 = The limits of reason and the rationale for faith in the thoughts of Blaise Pascal, Chung Kee Lee

The art of war corpus and Chinese just war ethics past and present, Ping Cheung Lo

利瑪竇對多瑪斯.阿奎那豐富人文精神的繼承與發展 = From Thomas Aquinas to Matteo Ricci: Inheritance and development of humanistic spirit, Ping Cheung Lo

Warfare ethics in Sunzi's art of war? historical controversies and contemporary perspectives, Ping-cheung Lo

Could Kant’s jesus be god?, Stephen R. Palmquist

Mapping Kant's architectonic onto the Yijing via the geometry of logic, Stephen R. Palmquist

Analytic aposteriority and its relevance to twentieth-century philosophy, Stephen Richard Palmquist

To tell the truth on Kant and Christianity: Will the real affirmative interpreter please stand up!, Stephen Richard Palmquist

A Swiss polyglot's discovery about the Chinese search for wisdom: Solomon Cæsar Malan's (1812-1894) comparative philosophical contributions in his Original Notes on the Book of Proverbs, Lauren Pfister

Walking forward reflectively: Zhao Fusan's intellectual journey since the 1980s, Lauren F. Pfister


Post-secularity within contemporary Chinese philosophical contexts, Lauren Frederick Pfister

Resetting "our" cosmic and historical time-pieces: The coining of the first sino-Christian almanac as a protestant evangelistic strategy, Lauren Frederick Pfister

Following the traces of Christians and Christian communities in Northwestern China from 1920 to 1936 = 追尋1920到1936年間中國西北基督徒及其教會的足跡, Lauren Frederick Pfister and Yanrong Chen

Classical confucianism, punitive expeditions, and humanitarian intervention, Sumner B. Twiss and Jonathan Chan

The classical Confucian position on the legitimate use of military force, Sumner B. Twiss and Jonathan Chan

The classical Confucian position on the legitimate use of military force, Sumner B. Twiss and Jonathan Chan

Weapons are nothing but ominous instruments: The Daodejing's view on war and peace, Ellen Y. Zhang

Weapons are nothing but ominous instruments: The Daodejing's view on war and peace, Ellen Y. Zhang

Cosmic justice and sanctioned violence: The Huangdi Yinfujing and the legitimacy of war in religious Daoism, Ellen Ying Zhang

導言: 中國生命倫理學: 詮釋、理解與應用 = Introduction: Chinese bioethics: Interpretation, understanding and application, Ellen Ying Zhang

Submissions from 2011

人權的轉化: 基督教自由社群主義的觀點 = The transformation of human rights: The Christian liberal communitarian perspective, Kai Man Kwan

反對同性戀並非基於恐懼: 回應 = Moral disapproval of homosexual act is not based on fear: A response to Li-Yen Chen, Kai Man Kwan

宇宙的微調—當代設計論證的評估 = Cosmic fine-tuning and the contemporary design argument, Kai Man Kwan

宗教在公共领域的角色: 哈贝马斯的后世俗反思 = The role of religion in the public realm: Jürgen Habermas' post-secular reflection, Kai Man Kwan

The faith of a genius: On doubting and believing in the thoughts of blaise pascal = 一個天才的信仰: 帕斯卡思想中的懷疑與相信, Chung Kee Lee


The Kantian grounding of Einstein's worldview: (II) Simultaneity, synthetic apriority and the mystical, Stephen R. Palmquist

Family ethics and new visions of selfhood in post-secular Chinese teachings, Lauren F. Pfister

适应主义传教护教观之"孟子模式": 在理雅各、何进善及花之安的中文作品中识别福音派新教话语中的跨文化关联, Lauren Frederick Pfister, Zhe Jiang, and Shuang Zhang

Wang, Youru, linguistic strategies in Daoist Zhuangzi and Chan Buddhism: The other way of speaking, Ellen Ying Zhang

施/受之伦理: 从马里翁的礼物神学到佛教的佈施原则 = The ethics of givenness: the ethical dimension of Jean-luc Marion's theology of gift and the Buddhist principle of Dāna, Ellen Ying Zhang

Submissions from 2010

On Richard Dawkins' atheism and his criticisms of the design argument, Kai Man Kwan

反思宗教與科學對話的多重模型及獨立模型的評估 = Reflection on models of science-religion dialogue and evaluation of the independence model, Kai Man Kwan

From Aquinas' analogy to Ian Ramsey's models and disclosures-the possibility of religious language then and now = 從阿奎那的類比法到藍聖恩的「模型」與「揭示」-宗教語言可能性的古與今, Chung Kee Lee

传统中国医疗伦理对当代美德医疗伦理学可作的贡献 = What can traditional Chinese medical ethics offer to virtue ethics of modern medicine, Ping Cheung Lo

利瑪竇性善論: 天學與漢學宋學之辨 = Matteo Ricci on the innate goodness of human nature: Catholic learning and the subsequent differentiation of "han learning" from "song learning", Ping Cheung Lo

A confucian philosophy of medicine and some implications, Ping-Cheung Lo


Kant’s ethics of grace: Perspectival solutions to the moral difficulties with divine assistance, Stephen R. Palmquist


The Kantian grounding of Einstein’s worldview: (I) The early influence of Kant’s system of perspectives, Stephen R. Palmquist

Trumping the myth of Ruist secularity: The missiological significance of independent evidence about theistic yearnings among Chinese literati in the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911), Lauren Pfister

翻译研究目标、学科方法与诠释取向: 与费乐仁教授谈翻译的跨学科研究, Lauren Frederick Pfister

Euthanasia and assisted suicide from Confucian moral perspectives, Lo Ping-cheung

Community, the common good, and public healthcare—Confucianism and its relevance to contemporary China, Ellen Zhang

Bai, Tongdong 白彤東, new mission of an old state: classical confucian political philosophy in a contemporary and comparative context 舊邦新命: 古今中西參考下的古典儒家政治哲學, Ellen Ying Zhang

墨家思想对当代中国医改的启示, Ellen Ying Zhang