Submissions from 2011

Ethnobotany of natural products, D. D. Soejarto, C. Gyllenhaal, M. C. Riley, and Hongjie Zhang

Plant Terpenes, Hongjie Zhang, Minghua Qiu, Yegao Chen, Jinxiong Chen, Yun Sun, Cuifang Wang, and Harry H. S. Fong

Medicinal plants of China, Zhongzhen Zhao, Zhitao Liang, Ping Guo, and Hubiao Chen

Submissions from 2008


Teaching and learning of PCM 2000 phytochemistry - Utilizing the molecular models and PC software for chemical structures, Zhi Hong Jiang


Learning internal Chinese medicine by clinical cases – Development of a video and multi-media system for teaching, Min Li, Zhong Zhen Zhao, Liang Liu, Zhao Xiang Bian, Ming Wai, Wendy Y. C. Wong, and Tsun Hao Ng

Submissions from 2007

Clinical studies and randomized controlled trials in Chinese herbal medicine: A historical and contemporary review, Zhaoxiang Bian and David Moher