Submissions from 2015

Confucian values and East Asian capitalism: A variable weberian trajectory, Jack Michael Barbalet

Sexual minorities in China, Kit Mui Day Wong

從"直人撐同志"採索性/別運動的轉化式身分政治, Kit Mui Day Wong

Submissions from 2014

Laozi’s Daodejing (6th Century BC), Jack Michael Barbalet

Social support and illness, Wan Foon Gina Lai

陽剛氣概的社會學研究, Kit Mui Day Wong

Submissions from 2013

Adam Smith: Theorie der ethischen Gefühle, Jack Michael Barbalet

Collective fear and societal change, Jack Michael Barbalet and Nicolas Demertzis

Labour and democratization in South Korea and Taiwan, Yin Wah Chu

Can Hong Kong design a new growth engine?: A study of the absence of economic policiesof the Donald Tsang regime, Yin Wah Chu and Alvin Y. So

Hong Kong lesbian partners in the making of their own families, Kit Mui Day Wong

Submissions from 2012

Globalization, semi-democracy, and land rights protests in post-1997 Hong Kong, Yin Wah Chu

澳大利亚大学中文教学中语言评估的设制: 3D模式 = Assessment design for Chinese language teaching in Australian universities: A 3-D approach, Xiao Ying Qi and Ruying Qi

The transition from neoliberalism to state neoliberalism in China at the turn of the 21st century, A. Y. So and Yin Wah Chu

Submissions from 2011

Chinese religion, market society and the State, Jack Michael Barbalet

Public religions and the state: A comparative perspective, Jack Michael Barbalet, Adam Possamai, and Bryan S. Turner

Submissions from 2010

Hybridization of karaoke and dance clubbing practices in Chinese nightlife, Matthew Ming-tak Chew

Chinese capitalisms: An introduction, Yin Wah Chu

Chinese capitalisms: Concluding thoughts on their historical emergence, political implications, and unique characteristics, Yin Wah Chu

Deconstructing the global city: Unravelling the linkages that underlie Hong Kong’s world city status, Yin Wah Chu

State neoliberalism: The Chinese road to capitalism, Yin Wah Chu and Alvin Y. So

East Asia's new democracies: An introduction, Yin Wah Chu and Siu-Lun Wong

Submissions from 2009

Cultural localization and its local discontents: Contested evaluations of Cantopop electronic dance music, Matthew Ming-tak Chew

一城两界: 新老上海人的社会网络与社会资本, Danching Ruan

从排斥到接纳: 老上海人的态度差异与行为, Danching Ruan and Wan Foon Gina Lai

“谁来照顾?”: 香港大众对家庭成员分工照顾长者的看法, Odalia Ming Hung Wong

Submissions from 2008


Developing a course resource package and an online resource centre for teaching modern Chinese society, Dan Ching Ruan and Xun Wang