Submissions from 2020


Auditing ethnic preference in Hong Kong’s financial job market: The mediation of white privilege and Hong Kong localism, Yao-Tai Li and John Chung-En Liu

Submissions from 2019


Primitive accumulation and Chinese mirrors, Jack Barbalet

Submissions from 2018


Trust: condition of action or condition of appraisal, Jack Barbalet

Submissions from 2017


Dyadic characteristics of guanxi and their consequences, Jack Michael BARBALET


Neo-traditional Child Surnaming in Contemporary China: Women's Rights as Veiled Patriarchy, Xiaoying Qi


Reconstructing the concept of face in cultural sociology: in Goffman’s footsteps, following the Chinese case, Xiaoying Qi


Social Movements in China: Augmenting Mainstream Theory with Guanxi, Xiaoying Qi

Submissions from 2016


Student migration and polymedia: Mainland Chinese students’ communication media use in Hong Kong, Yinni Peng


Family bond and family obligation: Continuity and transformation, Xiaoying Qi


Sociology in China, sociology of China: Editor’s introduction, Xiaoying Qi

Submissions from 2015

Guanxi, tie strength, and network attributes, Jack Barbalet

Who takes care of my left-behind children? Migrant mothers and caregivers in transnational child care, Yinni Peng and Odalia M. H. Wong


Birds of a feather: A case study of friendship networks of mainland Chinese college students in Hong Kong, Danching Ruan and Shu Zhu

Official relocation and self-help development: Three housing strategies under ambiguous property rights in China’s rural land development, Jing Song

Space to maneuver: Collective strategies of indigenous villagers in the urbanizing region of northwestern China, Jing Song

Asexuality in China’s sexual revolution: Asexual marriage as coping strategy, Day Wong

Submissions from 2014

Globalization and cosmopolitanism: Continuity and disjuncture, contemporary and historical, Jack Barbalet


Greater self, lesser self: Dimensions of self-interest in Chinese filial piety, Jack Barbalet

The structure of guanxi: Resolving problems of network assurance, Jack Barbalet


The structure of Guanxi: Resolving problems of network assurance, Jack Barbalet

Weber’s Daoism: A failure of orthodoxy, Jack Barbalet

Rethinking the relationship between intellectuals and nationalism: A sociology of knowledge approach to philosophers’ construction of national cultural identities in modern Japan and China, Matthew M. Chew

La reconstitution de l’alliance développementaliste en Corée du Sud et à Taïwan = The reconstruction of the developmental alliance in South Korea and Taiwan, Yin-Wah Chu

Fairy brides from heaven: Mate selection in rural China, 1949-2000, Jing Song and Nancy Luke

Reconfigured reciprocity: How aging Taiwanese immigrants transform cultural logics of elder care, Ken Chih-Yan Sun

Submissions from 2013

Self-interest in Chinese discourse and practice: Temporal distinctions of self, Jack Barbalet

Teaching classical sociological theory in Hong Kong SAR, China, Jack Barbalet


The paradox of power: Conceptions of power and the relations of reason and emotion in European and Chinese culture, Jack Michael Barbalet and Xiaoying Qi

Women’s property rights in a Chinese lineage village, Kwok-shing Chan

Social capital and economic integration of migrants in urban China, Yao Lu, Danching Ruan, and Gina Lai

Technomobility in China: Young migrant women and mobile phones. Cara Wallis. New York and London: New York University Press, 2013. xiii + 264 pp. £45.00. ISBN 978-0-8147-9526-2, Yinni Peng

Mobile phone use among migrant factory workers in South China: Technologies of power and resistance, Yinni Peng and Susanne Y.P. Choi

Diversified transnational mothering via telecommunication: Intensive, collaborative, and passive, Yinni Peng and Odalia M. H. Wong

Submissions from 2012

Self-interest and the theory of action, Jack Barbalet

A social theoretical interpretation of Dai Zhen's critique of Neo-Confucianism, Matthew Ming-tak Chew

Online cultural conservatism and Han ethnicism in China, Matthew M. Chew and Yi Wang

Studies of Japanese society and culture: Sociology and cognate disciplines in Hong Kong, Yin-Wah Chu

Barbalet, Jack, Markets

Mothering from afar: Filipina domestic workers and their ICTs usage in Hong Kong, Yinni Peng and Odalia Ming Hung Wong

Doing gender, doing culture: Division of domestic labour among lesbians in Hong Kong, Day Wong

Modernization of power in legal and medical discourses: The birth of the (male) homosexual in Hong Kong and its aftermath, Day Wong and Pik Ki Leung

Submissions from 2011

Analysis of an anti-domestic violence internet forum in China: Mutual help, open communication, and social activism, Matthew Ming-tak Chew

Submissions from 2010

Delineating the emergent global cultural dynamic of ‘lobalization’: The case of pass-off menswear in China, Matthew M. Chew

Hybridity, empowerment and subversiveness in Cantopop electronic dance music, Matthew M. Chew

Interactions between fashion and society in China in the 2000s: New development and socio-cultural complexities, Matthew Ming-tak Chew

Media institutional contexts of the emergence and development of Xinmanhua in China, Matthew Ming-tak Chew and Chen Lu

教育选拔与社会变迁: 高校招生政策之世纪演变, Li Min Liu, Danching Ruan, and Shanhua Yang

Traditionality and hybridity: A village cuisine in metropolitan Hong Kong, Chan Kwok Shing

Hybridization and the emergence of 'Gay' identities in Hong Kong and in China, Day Wong

Submissions from 2009

Research note: Japan studies in China in the late 1980s implications for reform, social change, and Sino-Japanese relations, Matthew M. Chew

Research on Chinese nightlife cultures and night-time conomies: Guest editor's introduction, Matthew M. Chew

The subversive sociocultural meanings of Cantopop electronic dance music, Matthew M. Chew

Cultural sustainability and heritage tourism development: Problems in developing bun festival tourism in Hong Kong, Matthew Ming-tak Chew

Decline of the rave inspired clubculture in China: State suppression, clubber adaptations and socio-cultural transformations, Matthew Ming-tak Chew

Retailer-supplier relationship in Hong Kong: Asymmetry, power play, and the need for supply chain management, Matthew Ming-tak Chew and Veon N. L. Sun