Submissions from 2015

邊緣青少年對權威的觀感: 兩性親子關係之啟示, Tak Mau Chan

Shall We Talk? 與讀寫障礙的一場對話, Tak Mau Chan and K. Y. Lam

年青人眼中的青年貧窮, Cheong Wing Wong and Xiqing Susan Su

Submissions from 2014

A research paradigm shift in acculturation research: From a psychopathological perspective to a resilience framework, Jiayan Pan

Submissions from 2013

East and West: Exploration of the father-son conflict in Chinese culture from the perspective of family triangulation in the West and the classical opera stories of the East, Tak Mau Chan

青少年社會工作, Cheong Wing Wong

Submissions from 2012

尋找天北男士網絡工作的脈絡, Suet Lin Hung

社會工作者註冊制度, Suet Lin Hung

香港青少女懷孕與「生育公義」, Suet Lin Hung

從同居到婚姻: 同居年青女士對同居及婚姻的意義, Ka Yee Poon and Tak Mau Chan

外化對話: 青年人與問題不一樣, On Kee Tsun

搭棚架對話: 與青年探索生活經驗, On Kee Tsun

青年與隱蔽現象: 迷思與出路, Cheong Wing Wong

Submissions from 2011

福利是否不属于亚洲: 浅论中国内地、香港、台湾地区的社会福利发展, Ruby Chui Man Chau and Wai Kam Yu

青年充權工作十問十答, Cheong Wing Wong

結構取向的充權實踐: 青年工作為例, Cheong Wing Wong and Ka-chun Shiu

Submissions from 2010

One country, two cities: A comparison in perceived cohesion in Guangzhou and Hong Kong, Tak Mau Chan, Sammy W. S. Chiu, and Marcus Y. L. Chiu

社區工作的再生: 香港社區發展服務的過去與未來, Kwok Kin Fung and Suet Lin Hung


The teaching and learning of evidence-based clinical intervention, Angela O. K. Tsun and Victor C. W. Wong

Submissions from 2009

愿做"忠心天使", Suet Lin Hung

From personal to structural: Towards critical change in youth work practice, Cheong Wing Wong