Submissions from 2020


Study Protocol of Brief Daily Body-Mind-Spirit Practice for Sustainable Emotional Capacity and Work Engagement for Community Mental Health Workers: A Multi-Site Randomized Controlled Trial, S. M. Ng, Herman H. M. Lo, Albert Yeung, Daniel Young, Melody H. Y. Fung, and Amenda M. Wang

Submissions from 2017


The effects of defamilization and familization measures on the accumulation of retirement income for women in the UK, Ruby C. M. Chau, Liam Foster, and Sam W. K. Yu

Submissions from 2016

Validation of the automatic thoughts questionnaire (ATQ) among mainland Chinese students in Hong Kong, Jia-Yan Pan, Shengquan Ye, and Petrus Ng

Submissions from 2015

Ways of coping of Chinese caregivers for family members with schizophrenia in two metropolitan cities: Guangzhou and Hong Kong, China, Paul C.W. Lam, Petrus Ng, Jiayan Pan, and Daniel K.W. Young

The impact of caregivers on the effectiveness of an early community mental health detection and intervention programme in Hong Kong, Jia-Yan Pan, Yat-Nam Petrus Ng, and Kim-Wan Daniel Young

Factors related to suicidal ideation among college students in GUAM, Mao-Sheng Ran, Sheying Chen, Maria I. Salomon, Teofila Cruz, Meagan Bamba-Ada, Liberty De Jesus, Dan Howell, Paula Rodriguez, April Usalla, Kristen Valencia, Jiayan Pan, and Cecilia L. W. Chan

Validity and reliability of internalized stigma of mental illness (Cantonese), Daniel Kim-Wan Young, Petrus Y. N. Ng, Jia-Yan Pan, and Daphne Cheng

Positive effects of spirituality in facilitating recovery for people with severe mental illness, Kim Wan Young

Using defamilisation typologies to study the Confucian welfare regime, Sam Yu, C. M. Chau, and K. M. Lee

Submissions from 2014

Effectiveness of a life story work program on older adults with intellectual disabilities, Xue Bai, Daniel W. H. Ho, Karen Fung, Lily Tang, Moon He, Kim Wan Young, Florence Ho, and Timothy Kwok

The lens of masculinity: Trauma in men and the landscapes of sexual abuse survivors, Simon T. M. Chan

The usefulness of the political economy perspective to the analysis of social welfare in Hong Kong–-a case study of the retirement protection measures = 政治經濟學觀點於香港社會福利制度分析上的應用--退休保障措施個案研究, Ruby Chui Man Chau, Wai Kam Yu, and Clementine Sau Fong Law

Culturally sensitive health care services for Chinese people in Britain, Ruby C. M. Chau, Sam W. K. Yu, and Clementine S. F. Law

Financial crisis and the developmental states: A case study of Hong Kong, Kwok Kin Fung

Strengthening a community of poverty in an affluent society: Strategies to build social capital in Tin Shui Wai North in Hong Kong, Kwok Kin Fung and Suet Lin Hung

Quality of life in people with mental illness in non-residential community mental health services in Hong Kong, Yat Nam Petrus Ng, Jiayan Pan, Paul Lam, and Aex Leung

A critical review of mental health and mental health-related policies in China: More actions required, Daniel Fu Keung Wong, Xiao Yu Zhuang, Jia-Yan Pan, and Xue Song He

Social work with youth in social withdrawal: In-home and beyond-home intervention modalities, Victor Wong

A single blind randomized control trial on support groups for Chinese persons with mild dementia, Daniel Kw Young, Timothy Cy Kwok, and Petrus Yn Ng

Functional recovery of consumers discharged from mental hospital and participating in a community-based psychosocial programme provided by a non-governmental organisation = 精神康復者出院後參加由非政府組織提供的以社區為本的心理社會項目的功能恢復, Kim Wan Young, Yat Nam Petrus Ng, and Jiayan Pan

Looking to the east and the west: The double-attachment strategy used by the Hong Kong government to develop welfare to work measures for lone parents, Sam W.K. Yu, Ruby C.M. Chau, Kathy Boxall, and Wind C.Y. Chung

Studying the health care systems in seven East Asian countries by the cluster analysis, Wai Kam Yu

The contributions of the studies of health care systems to the examination of the productivist welfare capitalism thesis, Wai Kam Yu

Submissions from 2013

Family therapy in Macau: Development, challenges and opportunities, Simon Tak-Mau Chan

The manifestation of family triangulation in Asian–Chinese families and its relevance to father–son conflict, Simon T.M. Chan

A study on sexual attitudes and behaviour of young people in Shanghai = 上海青少年性態度及行為研究, Tak Mau Chan and Francis Lee

Defamilisation of twenty-two countries: Its implications for the study of East Asian welfare regime, Ruby C. M. Chau and Sam W. K. Yu

Burdens and psychological health of family caregivers of people with schizophrenia in two Chinese metropolitan cities: Hong Kong and Guangzhou, Paul Cw Lam, Petrus Ng, and Christopher Tori

Resarch on the help seeking experiences of sexual violence victims: Community responses and secondary victimization, Suet Lin Hung

Evaluation of day care services for dementia clients in Hong Kong, T. Kwok, Kim Wan Young, A. Yip, and F. Ho

The reliability and validity of a campus caring instrument developed for undergraduate students in Hong Kong, Petrus Ng, Xiqing Susan Su, Vivien Chan, Heidi Leung, Wendy Cheung, and Angela Tsun

Cognitive behavioral intervention in the Chinese cultural context: A case report, Petrus Ng, Angela Tsun, Susan Su, and Daniel Young

Post-migration growth scale for Chinese international students: Development and validation, Jia-Yan Pan, Daniel Fu Keung Wong, and Shengquan Ye

Cross-validation of mental health recovery measures in a Hong Kong Chinese sample, Shengquan Ye, Jia-Yan Pan, Daniel Fu Keung Wong, and John Robert Bola

妄念的認知行為治療 = Cognitive behavioral therapy for delusions, Kim Wan Young

從精神疾病中痊癒, Kim Wan Young

Submissions from 2012

The key challenges of working with Chinese men: Social worker accounts, Tak Mau Chan

Understanding the diverse health needs of Chinese people in Britain and developing cultural sensitive services, Ruby C.M. Chau, Sam W.K. Yu, and Cam T.L. Tran

香港私人租住房屋問題與論述, Kwok Kin Fung

An empowerment model on reconstituting the meanings of divorce, Suet Lin Hung

Empowerment groups for women migrating from China to Hong Kong, Suet Lin Hung

The contributions of the health decommodification typologies to the study of the East Asian welfare regime, Yu Wai Kam

Recovering from hallucinations: A qualitative study of coping with voices hearing of people with schizophrenia in Hong Kong, Petrus Ng, Ricky W. K. Chun, and Angela Tsun

The development of perceived campus caring scale in a university-based sample in Hong Kong, Yat Nam Petrus Ng, Suan Su, Vivian Chan, Heidi Leung, and Wendy Cheung

The comorbidity of chronic pain and sleep disturbances in a community adolescent sample: Prevalence and association with sociodemographic and psychosocial factors, Yat-Fan Siu, Simon Chan, Ka-Man Wong, and Wing-Sze Wong

Introducing poststructuralist ideas in a workshop setting: The use of games and exercises as a prelude to narrative therapy training, Cheong Wing Wong

Social withdrawal as invisible youth disengagement: Government inaction and NGO responses in Hong Kong, Victor Wong

Positive effects of spirituality on quality of life for people with severe mental illness, Kim Wan Young

Contribution of health care decommodification index to the analysis of the marginalisation of East Asian countries in comparative welfare studies, Wai Kam Yu

Welfare to work measures in Hong Kong and the UK = 香港與英國的從福利轉向工作措施, Wai Kam Yu

Submissions from 2011

Ethnocentric bias in the comparative study of social welfare: The case of welfare reforms in Hong Kong, Ruby C.M. Chau and Sam W.K. Yu

The diversity based approach to culturally sensitive practices, Ruby C.M. Chau, Sam W.K. Yu, and Cam T.L. Tran

Securitization, the global financial crisis and residential capitalisms in an East Asian context, Kwok Kin Fung and Ray Forrest

Community work in Hong Kong: Changing agenda in the recent phase of economic globalization, Kwok Kin Fung and Suet Lin Hung

Collective narrative practice with rape victims in the Chinese society of Hong Kong, Suet Lin Hung

Gendering welfare: Lone mothers’ experiences of welfare-to-work programmes in Hong Kong, Suet Lin Hung and Kwok Kin Fung

Expanding personal space: A case study of caregivers in Hong Kong, Kathy Kam Ping Leung and Tak Mau Chan

香港社區精神健康照顧服務12個月的成效研究, Yat Nam Petrus Ng, E. Wan, K. K. Law, C. Y. Yip, R. Lau, W. Y. Law, P. T. Lee, and K. M. Tse

Overeating as a serious problem and foods as real good friends: Revising the relationship with food and self in narrative conversations, On Kee Tsun

Studying the ethnocentric bias in the comparative studies of social welfare, Wai Kam Yu and Chui-Man Ruby Chau

Submissions from 2010

Trauma from sexual abuse: The untold story of male victims in Hong Kong, Tak Mau Chan

The sensitivity of United Kingdom health-care services to the diverse needs of Chinese-origin older people, Ruby C. M. Chau and Sam Wai-Kam Yu

Access to safe and legal abortion for teenage women from deprived backgrounds in Hong Kong, Suet Lin Hung


Functions of social work supervision in Shenzhen: Insights from the cross-border supervision model, Suet Lin Hung, Shui Lai Ng, and Kwok Kin Fung

Developing clinical competence by applying a generic model in mental health social work supervision: A case study from Hong Kong, China, Petrus Ng and Wingchung Ho


The differential mediating effects of pain and depression on the physical and mental dimension of quality of life in Hong Kong Chinese adults, Wing S Wong, Simon T.M. Chan, Vivian B.K. Fung, and Richard Fielding

Submissions from 2009

In the name of justice: The indigenous account for the father-son conflict in Asian-Chinese families, Tak Mau Chan

Revisiting the father-son conflicts in Chinese families from a cultural lens: Implications for family-centered practice in Chinese societies, Tak Mau Chan

Social quality and the social harmony campaign in Hong Kong, Chui-Man Ruby Chau and Wai Kam Yu

Culturally sensitive approaches to health and social care: Uniformity and diversity in the Chinese community in the UK, Ruby C.M. Chau and Sam W.K. Yu


Youth locked in time and space? Defining features of social withdrawal and practice implications, Victor C W Wong